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World News

Facebook's Zuckerberg admits mistakes over Cambridge Analytica

11:32 PM 21/03/2018

Mark Zuckerberg promises changes will be made following the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Trump 'warned' not to congratulate Putin in Russia election

07:22 PM 21/03/2018

Mr Trump was reportedly told not to congratulate the Russian president on his win, but he did anyway.

Ahed Tamimi: Palestinian slap video teen gets eight months in plea deal

07:12 PM 21/03/2018

For Palestinians, Ahed Tamimi is a national icon, but to Israelis she is a violent troublemaker.

Nicolas Sarkozy: French ex-president under formal investigation

09:37 PM 21/03/2018

The ex-French president allegedly received illegal campaign funds from Libya's Colonel Gaddafi.

Austin bomber: Deceased suspect named in Texas blasts

09:36 PM 21/03/2018

Mark Anthony Conditt, 23, has been named by authorities as the suspect who died in an explosion.

Israel admits striking suspected Syrian nuclear reactor in 2007

03:45 PM 21/03/2018

The Israeli military formally admits the strike for the first time as documents are declassified.

Africa agrees deal for Continental Free Trade Area

04:18 PM 21/03/2018

It is hoped the deal could boost industry and make more than a billion people more prosperous.

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski: Under fire Peru president resigns

10:34 PM 21/03/2018

Pedro Pablo Kuczynski has been implicated in a vote-buying scandal but denies wrongdoing.

Kidnapped Dapchi schoolgirls freed in Nigeria

07:14 PM 21/03/2018

Nearly all the 110 abducted girls are returned to Dapchi town - but five are believed dead.

Lawsuit after Malaysian flag reported as 'IS symbol' in US

12:32 PM 21/03/2018

A US employee association is being sued after restricting a Muslim man's membership over the row.

Surgeon David Nott: Hack led to Syria air strike

02:25 PM 21/03/2018

David Nott had helped Syrian surgeons via the internet - weeks later, their hospital was destroyed.

Xabi Alonso: Former Real Madrid star accused of tax fraud

02:54 PM 21/03/2018

The retired midfielder is the latest football player to be pursued by the Spanish tax authorities.

Texas bombings: 'The suspect is deceased'

02:23 PM 21/03/2018

A suspect linked to several recent explosions in Texas has died in a blast as police tried to arrest him.

Cambridge Analytica: What we know so far

01:28 PM 21/03/2018

How the row over Cambridge Analytica's use of Facebook data unfolded.

Eastern Ghouta: A mother's diary of life under siege

12:43 AM 21/03/2018

As Syrian government forces bombard rebel-held Eastern Ghouta, a mother of eight shares her experiences.

Eddie Woo: The maths teacher who became an unlikely star

04:38 PM 21/03/2018

Eddie Woo's high-energy lessons on YouTube are inspiring students around the globe.

Cynthia Nixon holds rally in Brooklyn

01:34 AM 21/03/2018

The Sex and the City star kicked off her gubernatorial bid in one of New York's most deprived areas.

Would you give a stranger your bed?

12:43 AM 21/03/2018

Belgians are opening their homes to migrants on their way to the UK.

'Heroes' save trapped man from burning car

05:29 PM 20/03/2018

Police are trying to identify the Good Samaritans who saved a US man trapped in a burning car.

Ek Do Teen: The unpopular Bollywood remake that crossed 18m views

07:33 AM 21/03/2018

The original version of Ek Do Teen was a 1988 blockbuster hit that catapulted its heroine to stardom.

Germany returns 3,000-year-old Olmec statues to Mexico

11:23 AM 21/03/2018

The busts will be returned to Mexico after a court battle lasting almost a decade went in its favour.

Hamburgers usurp classic baguette sandwich in France

04:48 PM 20/03/2018

The French order more US-style hamburgers than classic jambon-beurre sandwiches, a study suggests.

German city installs Karl Marx traffic lights

04:57 PM 20/03/2018

The communist thinker's home town chooses an unusual way to mark the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Tajikistan ministry's book tells women how to dress

02:31 PM 21/03/2018

A book published by the government tells Tajik women what they should - and should not - be wearing.

Global implications for NZ 'Million Dollar Mouse' success

11:01 AM 21/03/2018

Eradicating mice from one tiny island group could spell hope for fauna around the world.

Smokers fail to respond to UAE 'sin tax'

02:58 PM 20/03/2018

Survey suggests that only a quarter of smokers have changed their habits after tobacco prices double.

'Cambodia's Amy Winehouse' mourned as inspiration

09:35 AM 21/03/2018

Kak Channthy's story of overcoming poverty and hardship inspired people from all around the globe.

Stunning images capture the world around us

01:44 AM 21/03/2018

The winners of the 2018 Sony World Photography Awards Open competition are announced.

Xi Jinping: How China's president got ahead, in hats

11:20 PM 20/03/2018

The story of China's parliament told in hats - and the shock that had some analysts eating theirs.

Teaching boys that 'real men' would stop rape

11:11 PM 20/03/2018

A project in Kenya is teaching boys how to intervene to stop sexual violence

What are the most endangered animals in the world?

02:03 AM 21/03/2018

The world's last male northern white rhino has died, age 45, leaving the species "functionally extinct". What could be next?

Fake profiles boosted Brazilian ex-president Dilma

02:10 AM 21/03/2018

Fake social media accounts and blogs were used to back the candidacy of Dilma Rouseff.

The story behind Africa's free trade dream

09:10 AM 21/03/2018

Africa is hoping to agree a free trade deal encompassing the whole continent - but can it be done?

Is leaving Facebook the only way to protect your data?

02:49 PM 20/03/2018

What can users do to gain back control of their data or limit how much is shared?

Cambridge Analytica: The data firm's global influence

12:06 PM 21/03/2018

The data firm facing questions over its work practices has operated all over the world.

What are opioids and what are the risks?

06:50 PM 19/03/2018

Donald Trump has announced plans to tackle the opioid crisis. What are they and why are they a problem?

Nerve agent: Who controls the world's most toxic chemicals?

11:12 AM 20/03/2018

The organisation keeping track of the deadly chemicals held by countries around the world.

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