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World News

S-300 missile system: Russia to upgrade Syrian air defences

01:57 PM 24/09/2018

Delivery of Russia's S-300 missile defence system to Syria has long been opposed by Israel.

Brett Kavanaugh, Trump's court nominee, faces new sex allegation

08:05 AM 24/09/2018

A second woman accuses US Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh of misconduct.

Rob Goldstone 'regrets' email setting up controversial Trump Tower meeting

11:36 AM 24/09/2018

Rob Goldstone also covers Donald Trump's much-discussed 2013 Moscow trip, in a BBC interview.

Italy migrant crisis: Government passes tough bill

01:49 PM 24/09/2018

The measure, which now requires a parliamentary vote, makes it easier to deport migrants.

China accuses US of trade bullying as new tariffs imposed

09:00 AM 24/09/2018

The criticism from Beijing come hours after a new round of US tariffs on Chinese goods kicked in.

Iran arrests 'large network' over Ahvaz attack

12:34 PM 24/09/2018

Saturday's attack in Ahvaz killed 25 people at a military parade featuring Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

DR Congo Ebola outbreak: Beni attack halts outreach work

10:49 AM 24/09/2018

The authorities are concerned about insecurity in the town of Beni after 18 people were killed.

Maldives election: Opposition defeats China-backed Abdulla Yameen

11:21 AM 24/09/2018

Ibrahim Mohamed Solih defeats President Abdulla Yameen, who has been accused of crushing dissent.

Abhilash Tomy: Injured Indian sailor rescued by French vessel

01:11 PM 24/09/2018

Navy officials say Abhilash Tomy is conscious and safe after his ordeal in the middle of the sea.

Putin's critic Alexei Navalny arrested moments after release from jail

09:56 AM 24/09/2018

Russia's opposition leader had just finished a 30-day sentence over planning anti-government protests.

Bill Cosby faces sentencing over sex assault

12:43 PM 24/09/2018

The US comedian and actor may face the rest of his life in jail for drugging and assaulting a friend.

Versace set to be sold in $2bn deal

10:47 AM 24/09/2018

Michael Kors is reported to be buying the Italian fashion house founded by Gianni Versace in 1978.

Mid-Autumn mooncakes: Tasty treats and fancy packaging

04:38 AM 24/09/2018

Chinese people around the globe are celebrating the Mid-Autumn festival, with mooncakes centre stage.

Will organic revolution boost farming in India?

11:19 PM 23/09/2018

Sikkim's been declared India's first fully organic state, so will this revolution boost farming?

Long watch: What drives a mother to cross South America on foot?

11:41 PM 22/09/2018

The sight of hungry Venezuelan migrants on country roads has become commonplace in South America.

Will 'Modicare' be a success in India?

09:15 AM 23/09/2018

India has launched its new flagship health insurance scheme, dubbed "Modicare".

Rare double-headed snake found in garden in Virginia

10:17 AM 23/09/2018

The rare copperhead was discovered in a garden in Virginia and is unlikely to survive in the wild.

'The next thing I knew I was in the water'

10:48 AM 22/09/2018

Survivors from a ferry that capsized on Lake Victoria, Tanzania, have spoken of their ordeal.

Sudanese poet Rajaa Bushra on the power of artistic expression

11:04 PM 21/09/2018

Rajaa Bushra says poetry enables her and others to openly express the challenges of life in Sudan.

Scrabble gets 300 new words in dictionary revamp

12:24 PM 24/09/2018

OK is among 300 added to the list of allowed words by the game's official dictionary.

Inskip Point: Section of Australian beach collapses into sea

08:04 AM 24/09/2018

The sudden landslip swallowed an area up to 300m (1,000 feet) wide, officials say.

Taiwan hair salon covers 'swastika' signs after outcry

03:17 PM 20/09/2018

A shop has covered its logos after being criticised by local German and Jewish communities.

Church protests halt Georgia cannabis law

03:33 PM 18/09/2018

Georgia rethinks legalising cannabis cultivation after church protests.

Chinese city debuts 'bus-pooling' service

03:00 PM 18/09/2018

Ever felt the frustration of waiting for a bus that never comes? Beijing's got an answer to that.

Cameroon atrocity: Finding the soldiers who killed this woman

11:17 PM 23/09/2018

In July 2018 a horrifying video began to circulate on social media. It shows two women and two young children being led away at gunpoint by a group of Cameroonian soldiers.

Is this one of the world's most beautiful airports?

10:28 AM 24/09/2018

India's newest airport, which is carved out of a mountain, has been called an "engineering marvel".

Seeing through Kim Jong-un's K-pop sign

11:32 PM 23/09/2018

The photo charmed South Koreans, but does that mean it's right to stop talking about human rights?

Fentanyl crisis: Is China a major source of illegal drugs?

11:08 PM 23/09/2018

Is China now the major source for illegal synthetic drugs like fentanyl as the US claims?

#WhyIDidntReport: The hashtag supporting Christine Blasey Ford

07:24 PM 23/09/2018

The hashtag was born after Donald Trump questioned the motives of his Supreme Court pick's accuser.

Glenn Close on playing The Wife and being a mother

11:26 PM 23/09/2018

The Hollywood veteran talks about The Wife, a film whose title role she shares with her daughter.

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