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World News

2019 Australia election: Liberal-National coalition secures majority

03:56 PM 21/05/2019

The majority win for the incumbent government caps off an election which defied predictions.

Iranian threats 'put on hold', says US defence chief

04:17 PM 21/05/2019

Acting US defence secretary says US actions have halted potential attacks, without giving details.

Tributes paid to F1 legend Niki Lauda

05:08 PM 21/05/2019

John Watson, Sir Jackie Stewart and Nico Rosberg lead the tributes to former world champion Niki Lauda following his death at the age of 70.

Austrian far-right FPÖ quits Kurz government after sacking

03:18 PM 21/05/2019

The Freedom Party pulls out after two top party figures are caught up in a secret video.

Pakistani children worst affected in HIV outbreak

03:44 PM 21/05/2019

More than 600 people, 75% them children, have been identified as HIV positive in less than a month.

Sierra Leone: What is life like for the prostitutes of Freetown?

11:02 PM 20/05/2019

Two prostitutes who work on the streets of Freetown, Sierra Leone, tell their stories.

Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of domestic abuse

12:44 PM 21/05/2019

The actor denies physically abusing his ex-wife in new court documents.

Vibrator prize for Spanish squash champion spurs sexism debate

09:59 AM 21/05/2019

Women players say prizes in the Asturias competition highlight problems of sexism in sport.

Don McGahn: Former lawyer defies congressional subpoena

03:03 PM 21/05/2019

The president earlier directed his former counsel to not appear despite the congressional subpoena.

Libya crisis: UN warns battle for Tripoli is 'start of a bloody war'

04:51 PM 21/05/2019

The UN envoy says that unless the flow of arms to Libya stops there could be a descent into chaos.

Arthur: Alabama Public Television bans gay wedding episode

10:53 AM 21/05/2019

Alabama Public Television refuses to air a cartoon featuring a male rat and aardvark getting married.

Huge bee colony removed from Spain bedroom

10:25 AM 21/05/2019

A couple in Spain has discovered the reason for the buzzing noise that's kept them awake at night - a massive bee colony behind their bedroom wall.

Female-voice AI reinforces bias, says UN report

03:08 PM 21/05/2019

Voice assistants need to be gender-neutral argues a UN study.

India election 2019: Echoes of Trump in Modi's border politics

11:06 PM 20/05/2019

Narendra Modi and Donald Trump have used anti-immigration rhetoric to divide voters on national identity.

Why Israel eyes the EU with distrust

11:25 PM 20/05/2019

Despite Israelis' love of Eurovision, many view Europe with distrust, says James Landale.

Niki Lauda obituary: 'A remarkable life lived in Technicolor'

02:11 AM 21/05/2019

A three-time Formula 1 world champion and non-executive chairman of the Mercedes team, Niki Lauda was one of the biggest names in motorsport.

Are barcodes the way to protect dementia patients?

11:22 PM 20/05/2019

How technology and community support is keeping people with dementia in Japan safe.

Five things to know about F1's Niki Lauda

09:28 AM 21/05/2019

The legendary Austrian, who was one of the best-known figures in motor racing, has died aged 70.

Robert F Smith: Morehouse College student on having loan wiped

10:36 PM 20/05/2019

Dwytt Lewis is one of the 400 Morehouse College graduates whose debt is being wiped by a US billionaire.

Swansea lifeguard's plan to stop Bangladeshi drownings

01:07 AM 21/05/2019

Swansea-based RNLI lifeguard Darren Williams is on a mission to prevent children drowning in Bangladesh.

How a new diet for gassy cows is helping the environment

11:09 PM 20/05/2019

Colombian farmers are piloting a way of raising cows that's better for the environment.

Lake Malawi: The man saving baby fish from mosquito nets

03:54 PM 20/05/2019

Force Ngwira is fighting the use of mosquito nets for fishing, which depletes stocks in Lake Malawi.

The Glyndebourne opera singer who started by chance

11:35 PM 20/05/2019

Chorus singer Darwin Prakash never intended to sing professionally until a chance meeting five years ago.

Cambodia re-enacts Khmer Rouge killings - in pictures

10:44 AM 20/05/2019

Actors pretend to slit throats on 20 May, an official holiday known as the "Day of Anger".

Game of Thrones finale gets mixed response

08:25 AM 20/05/2019

No plot spoilers - but fans and critics have been weighing in on the finale of season eight.

Chiari malformation: ‘I went from travel-obsessed to bedridden'

11:23 PM 19/05/2019

Hailey wanted to travel the world as a doctor, until a mystery condition left her shaking uncontrollably.

Martin Tower: Former Bethlehem Steel headquarters demolished

05:09 PM 20/05/2019

The 21-storey Martin Tower, former headquarters of a US steel company, is demolished in Pennsylvania.

The tycoon who just paid off 400 students' debt

04:07 PM 20/05/2019

Who is the US philanthropist who paid off 400 students’ loans in a graduation speech this weekend?

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