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UK News

Shoreham air crash: Pilot Andy Hill to be charged over deaths

10:20 PM 21/03/2018

Andy Hill is to be charged with manslaughter over the Shoreham air crash, in which 11 men died.

Putin 'will use World Cup like Hitler's Olympics', agrees Johnson

10:34 PM 21/03/2018

Boris Johnson says Moscow's "glorying" in the event sickens him, as he seeks fan safety reassurances.

Ant McPartlin charged with drink driving

06:05 PM 21/03/2018

The TV host is charged after a crash in south-west London, as ITV says Declan Donnelly will present alone.

Teenager arrested over schools bomb hoax

08:39 PM 21/03/2018

A 19-year-old has been arrested after the hoax closed hundreds of schools across England on Monday.

NHS pay: Unions agree deal for 1.3 million staff

02:27 PM 21/03/2018

Unions back a deal that gives NHS staff a minimum pay rise of more than 6% over three years.

Red Arrows crash: Cpl Jonathan Bayliss named as victim

06:24 PM 21/03/2018

Cpl Jonathan Bayliss was a "generous, kind and caring man who could always be relied upon".

Archbishop of Canterbury 'ashamed' of Church over abuse

04:45 PM 21/03/2018

Justin Welby tells the child sex abuse inquiry it was "horrifying" to read survivors' evidence.

New Look to axe 1,000 jobs and 60 stores

05:39 PM 21/03/2018

Lenders to the struggling fashion retailer agree a restructuring plan in a bid to stay afloat.

Cambridge Analytica: PM quizzed over Conservative links

09:17 PM 21/03/2018

The SNP puts Theresa May on the spot over the controversial firm at Prime Minister's Questions.

Protesters throw fish into Thames in Brexit deal protest

05:03 PM 21/03/2018

Protesters throw dead fish into the Thames by Parliament in protest at the Brexit transition deal.

Underpaid ESA claimants could get £20,000 repaid, says watchdog

05:34 PM 21/03/2018

Around 70,000 Employment and Support Allowance claimants were underpaid for years, the NAO watchdog says.

Undercover policing inquiry: Chairman urged to quit

01:53 PM 21/03/2018

Campaigners walk out of the inquiry amid unhappiness at anonymity granted to undercover officers.

Police: Are black knife deaths being ignored?

06:25 PM 21/03/2018

A top officer fears people aren't outraged enough because of the race of the victims.

Justin Welby 'learned to be ashamed again' of the Church

07:12 PM 21/03/2018

Justin Welby gives his evidence to the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse.

Didcot's Narnia and Middle Earth sign-changer found

05:04 PM 21/03/2018

The prankster who added fictional worlds to signs in Didcot, Oxfordshire, explains himself.

The brain scanner you can move in

08:56 PM 21/03/2018

The scanner is light enough to wear on the head.

Cambridge Analytica: What we know so far

01:28 PM 21/03/2018

How the row over Cambridge Analytica's use of Facebook data unfolded.

The robotic pup enriching people's lives

12:32 AM 21/03/2018

Biscuit the robotic dog responds to touch and speech to help people with dementia.

Two three-year-old-boys, one special friendship

12:31 AM 21/03/2018

On World Down’s syndrome day, this is the story of a special friendship.

BBC News Channel

07:22 AM 22/01/2018

BBC coverage of latest developments

Didcot's Narnia and Middle Earth signs removed

01:49 PM 21/03/2018

Fantasy worlds appeared next to Wantage and Didcot on road signs - but a council says they had to go.

Police worker mistakenly fines himself over untaxed car

08:57 AM 21/03/2018

The police worker landed himself with an £81 fine after failing to fill in a form properly.

Newspaper headlines: Brexit passports and police 999 calls

11:48 PM 21/03/2018

The Daily Telegraph reports a European firm could make blue British passports after Brexit.

Was Claire's the ultimate accessory for tweens?

03:07 PM 21/03/2018

As the high street chain reveals money troubles, a 90s tween looks back with purple-tinted glasses.

How do companies use my loyalty card data?

07:59 PM 21/03/2018

With data privacy is in the spotlight, how do retailers use the data gathered from loyalty cards?

Coronation Street: The story behind David Platt's rape

01:26 AM 21/03/2018

The actor at the centre of the storyline "can't stress the importance" of why it needs to be aired.

'My 3,000 calorie-a-day addiction to energy drinks rules my life'

04:21 PM 20/03/2018

Emma Forrest gets up five times a night to satisfy her cravings and stockpiles cans of the drinks.

Woman, 100: 'I don't dress like an old girl'

03:08 PM 20/03/2018

Centenarian Sadie Cox shares her life and beauty tips following pleas on social media.

'Everybody thinks it's only boys who join gangs'

01:36 AM 20/03/2018

Nequela Whittaker was once a feared gang leader in south London - now she tries to stop other young girls from taking that path.

Food festivals: Celebrating the great and good of food

01:48 AM 20/03/2018

Cheese or chocolate? Honey or oysters? The UK is home to festivals dedicated to favourite foods.

How Agatha Christie's Ordeal by Innocence was re-shot

01:10 AM 20/03/2018

The BBC period drama was re-shot with a new actor following allegations against actor Ed Westwick.

School exclusions: Are more children being expelled?

01:37 AM 20/03/2018

The education secretary has called for the growing numbers of permanent exclusions to be examined.

I had a transplant after my hairstyle made me go bald

01:39 AM 20/03/2018

MC Paigey Cakey says she feels "empowered" after having a hair transplant because she had traction alopecia.

Worboys review: What we have learned

01:52 PM 19/03/2018

What did the judicial review hearing tell us about Worboys' imprisonment and the approval of his release.

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