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UK News

Brexit: Vote on Theresa May's deal may not happen next week

09:06 AM 23/03/2019

Theresa May tells MPs her Brexit deal might not be put to a vote next week if she doesn't think it'll pass.

Mark Duggan family to sue Met Police over death

05:08 AM 23/03/2019

The 29-year-old shot was shot dead by police in London in 2011 sparking riots across England.

Grenfell council spends more than £90k on bosses' bonuses

12:22 AM 23/03/2019

Campaigners call the payments "abhorrent", since some households still do not have permanent homes.

Asian gold: More than £140m stolen in UK in last five years

09:58 AM 23/03/2019

Asian families are often targeted by thieves for gold, which is traditionally given as weddings gifts.

Des Lally set for 365th Pen y Fan ascent in a year

03:24 AM 23/03/2019

Des Lally has braved blizzards, 5ft snow drifts, 80mph winds and countless torrential downpours.

Isleworth stabbing: Teenage boy dies in fight

10:20 AM 23/03/2019

Police have started a murder investigation into the death of a boy, thought to be 17 years old.

Sir David Attenborough to present climate change documentary

10:00 PM 22/03/2019

The broadcaster's film will explore potential threats to our planet and the possible solutions.

Far-right terror poses 'biggest threat' to north of England

12:27 AM 23/03/2019

Right-wing extremism is not being taken seriously enough, a former counter terror expert warns.

Birmingham pub bombings: 'Men responsible' named by IRA bomber

08:29 PM 22/03/2019

A convicted IRA member names four men he says are responsible for the 1974 Birmingham pub bombings.

Libby Squire: Hull student's death 'potential homicide'

05:23 PM 22/03/2019

Police say the 21-year-old student, whose body was found in the Humber estuary, may have been killed.

Jewellery from Bronze Age a 'notable' find

12:55 AM 23/03/2019

The gold-plated ring, unearthed by a metal detectorist, is about 3,000 years old.

Tag in Cairngorms trial would give 'instant fix' on dead eagles

02:05 AM 23/03/2019

Birds of prey are being fitted with the device as part of a trial in the Cairngorms.

'Pink tax': Should personal care products for women cost more?

12:22 AM 22/03/2019

Should personal care products marketed to women cost more? And is there actually any difference?

Guilty Feminist: 'I can't call Theresa May a feminist'

12:57 PM 22/03/2019

Co-creator of the Guilty Feminist podcast gives us her take on feminism.

Brexit: Three moments that raised a smile

11:37 PM 21/03/2019

Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker updated reporters at a press conference which had some lighter moments.

Influx of dog videos for terminally ill boy after Facebook post

02:08 AM 22/03/2019

Dog-loving Harvey Hawkins finds comfort in the funny films people are sending him of their pets.

Only daytime five-star bore for 2019 travels up Severn Estuary

06:15 PM 22/03/2019

Dozens of surfers and kayakers headed to the Severn Bore to catch a rare "five-star" surge wave.

World Heavy Metal Congress: First event takes place in London

07:27 AM 22/03/2019

Bands from around the world are celebrating 50 years of heavy metal at the inaugural World Metal Congress in London.

Question Time: 'I'm 16 and I won't get a say over Brexit'

12:58 PM 22/03/2019

A 16 year old Question Time audience member says there should be a general election to solve the current impasse over Brexit.

BBC News Channel

10:33 PM 11/03/2019

Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.

Ronnie Pickering among Hull's 'alternative heritage' honours

12:51 AM 23/03/2019

The alternative blue plaques honour "the good, bad and the quirky" in Hull.

Great Escape tunnel hero's diary sold

08:14 PM 22/03/2019

The journal tells the real life story of the mass PoW breakout that inspired the 1963 Hollywood film.

Newspaper headlines: Brexit pressure and no deal 'chaos'

05:18 AM 23/03/2019

The latest twists in the Brexit story and speculation about what might happen next week dominate Saturday's papers.

'Reading bedtime stories helped me survive prison'

12:43 AM 23/03/2019

For many prisoners the worst part of the experience is the separation from their families. Recording stories for children can help to bridge the gap.

Why are nets appearing over trees and hedges?

12:05 AM 23/03/2019

High-profile nature lovers including broadcaster Chris Packham have criticised developers for promoting the practice.

Brexit: What are indicative votes?

12:55 AM 23/03/2019

A series of a indicative votes in Parliament could offer a possible way out of the Brexit deadlock.

Boom or bust: What culture tells us about money

10:10 PM 22/03/2019

Professor Nicky March picks out some examples from art and literature and explains what they tell us.

Taron Egerton: 'Elton allowed me to make him ugly'

05:57 PM 22/03/2019

Taron Egerton says his portrayal of Sir Elton John in Rocketman will show him at his worst - with the singer's blessing.

Why bots probably aren't gaming the 'Cancel Brexit' petition

01:39 PM 22/03/2019

Questions have been asked about whether all the 3m signatures on the petition are genuine.

Benefits spending: Five charts on the UK's £100bn bill

01:17 AM 22/03/2019

A look at how much the UK government spends on benefits reveals big changes over time.

Sustainable students: How easy is it to be more environmentally-friendly?

01:20 AM 22/03/2019

A student house is challenged to live in a more environmentally-friendly way. How did they get on?

Alesha MacPhail murder: The schoolboy who became an opportunistic killer

03:13 PM 21/03/2019

Aaron Campbell told a psychologist he was "quite satisfied" with the opportunistic murder of Alesha MacPhail.

UK lottery winners: What did they do with the money?

03:01 PM 21/03/2019

From £3m investments to designer handbags - the ways a lucky few have chosen to spend the payouts.

Porn: Why Flintshire mum made her own adult film

05:07 PM 21/03/2019

Sarah Sadler was fed up with the way sex was portrayed in porn films - so decided to make her own.

Every school 'needs dog as stress-buster'

04:23 PM 21/03/2019

Bringing pets into school can be the simplest but most effective stress-buster, says Sir Anthony Seldon.

My one-in-a-million daughter is a 'human timebomb'

12:43 AM 21/03/2019

Anya suffers from a one-in-a-million condition that is like having seven serious diseases all at once.

Lorraine Kelly, tax law and how celebrities build public personas

01:40 PM 21/03/2019

Even though, as a judge has ruled, "she may not like the guest she interviews or the food she eats".

Who's been the Premier League's best overseas player?

10:01 AM 21/03/2019

Who has been the best overseas player to feature in the Premier League? Read our experts' views.

Council tax increase: Why am I paying the police so much?

12:01 AM 21/03/2019

A bigger portion of your council tax will go to police this year. But why? And what is it used for?

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