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UK News

May seeks cross-party Brexit consensus

05:31 AM 17/01/2019

The PM will meet MPs to try and break the Brexit stalemate later, but Jeremy Corbyn insists no-deal must be ruled out.

London state school secures 41 Oxbridge offers

02:21 AM 17/01/2019

A school in one of London's poorest boroughs aims to send 41 students to Oxford or Cambridge this year.

'I’m just ill – respect me for who I am'

12:03 AM 17/01/2019

An Edinburgh student is urging people to be more mindful when they interact with people with disabilities.

No-deal Brexit warning for UK drivers

12:02 AM 17/01/2019

A no-deal Brexit would mean anyone planning to drive outside the UK would need an insurance Green Card.

Housing market outlook worst 'for 20 years'

12:01 AM 17/01/2019

House sale expectations for the next three months are at their lowest for two decades, estate agents warn.

Children left in limbo after Butterstone school closure

12:02 AM 17/01/2019

More than 20 children with autism and anxiety are without educational provision, eight weeks after their old school closed.

Police misconduct: Watchdog 'bringing wrong cases'

05:16 AM 17/01/2019

Some officers accused of gross misconduct wait years to be cleared, the police federation says.

Wylfa: Decision on future of nuclear power station expected

12:26 AM 17/01/2019

There are fears work on Wylfa Newydd will stop, dealing a "tremendous blow" to the economy.

GCHQ sets up all-female cyber-training classes

01:02 AM 17/01/2019

The UK's intelligence services say there are too few young women working in cyber-security.

Retailers told to clean up act over fake faux fur

12:07 AM 17/01/2019

Advertising watchdog threatens sanctions if retailers don't check whether they are selling real or fake fur.

Haemochromatosis: 'Most common' genetic disorder test call

01:40 AM 17/01/2019

Jenny Lees, whose son had haemochromatosis and died, wants to see routine testing for the disorder.

UK groups fund illegal orphanages in Africa

01:13 AM 17/01/2019

Children at one squalid home seen by the BBC said they had been beaten and neglected by their carers.

Moment the government survives confidence vote

08:13 PM 16/01/2019

Theresa May has promised she will start talks with other party leaders over Brexit plans.

Brexit: Theresa May gives Downing Street statement

10:24 PM 16/01/2019

Theresa May has called on MPs to "work constructively together" after winning a no confidence vote.

The teenager flying planes before passing driving licence

12:29 AM 17/01/2019

Eloeyse is only 16 but she has already completed her first solo flight.

Pumpkin the bulldog teaches herself to skateboard

12:29 AM 17/01/2019

Videos of Pumpkin have been watched thousands of times on social media.

The news you may have missed this week because of Brexit

05:52 PM 16/01/2019

If you're fed up of hearing about Brexit, check out these stories.

Pregnant Meghan Markle laughs off 'fat lady' comment

06:32 PM 16/01/2019

The pregnant duchess received an unexpected comment while on a visit to a charity in London.

David Cameron: I don't regret calling referendum

11:39 AM 16/01/2019

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he backs Theresa May's efforts to secure a Brexit deal with the EU, but insists he does not regret calling the referendum.

BBC News Channel

07:04 AM 18/12/2018

BBC coverage of latest developments

Winnie the black bear: Plaque for real life Pooh bear

01:34 AM 17/01/2019

Winnie the black bear lived at a camp on Salisbury Plain during WW1 before moving to London Zoo.

South Yorkshire Police applicants must photo tattoos

06:22 PM 16/01/2019

The force said people applying for a job must send photos of their tattoos with their applications.

Newspaper headlines: Corbyn's 'snub' amid Brexit deadlock

12:08 AM 17/01/2019

Despite winning confidence vote, Mrs May faces a stand-off after Jeremy Corbyn snubs cross-party talks.

Brexit: What happens now?

07:16 PM 16/01/2019

Theresa May has won a no confidence vote in her government. But with her Brexit plan defeated, what now?

Why would you want to live in Suffolk?

04:07 PM 16/01/2019

As actor Kit Harrington embraces the county, what home-grown delights await him?

No escape as 'snow day' becomes 'e-learning day'

12:15 AM 16/01/2019

Winter weather at least meant a day off school. But now technology is threatening to keep pupils studying.

Liver transplant 'game changing' treatment approved

12:41 AM 16/01/2019

It's hoped perfusion machines that "warm livers" will increase the number of viable donated organs.

WTO rules: What happens if there's a no-deal Brexit?

01:53 PM 16/01/2019

Could the UK maintain an open border with Ireland if there is no deal, asks BBC News NI's John Campbell.

Brexit vote: Donald Tusk hints UK should stay in EU

01:02 PM 16/01/2019

The European Council president sends a cryptic tweet after Theresa May's Brexit deal is rejected.

What is a vote of no confidence? What time is it?

09:52 AM 16/01/2019

Jeremy Corbyn has tabled a no confidence motion in Theresa May's government. Here's what happens now.

Danny Dyer: 'I like a chinwag about medieval history'

12:43 AM 15/01/2019

The EastEnders actor and Cockney hardman defends his new BBC show based on his family history.

Reality Check: What are the biggest government defeats?

08:04 PM 15/01/2019

MPs have inflicted the biggest defeat on a serving government in modern history - how does it compare to previous losses?

Pregnant MP reignites proxy voting debate

09:46 PM 15/01/2019

Tulip Siddiq was due to have an elective Caesarean section, but delayed it so she could vote on Brexit.

Do young people feel pressured to have sex?

05:31 PM 15/01/2019

Newsbeat has been finding out whether having sex "too soon" is a big regret for young people.

Brexit: Passionate protests outside Parliament

07:31 PM 15/01/2019

Protests outside Parliament ahead of a crucial vote have been loud, passionate, colourful but - so far - peaceful.

Managerial departures: Analysing the art of the club statement

01:01 PM 15/01/2019

"Immediate effect", "wish him every success" and "by mutual consent" - we look at six recent club statements announcing managerial departures.

Watches: A Briton at the heart of a Swiss tradition

07:42 AM 15/01/2019

Stephen Forsey's company is making waves in the spiritual home of Switzerland's watch industry.

The five Alex Salmond row inquiries

05:43 PM 15/01/2019

How are the multiple inquiries into the government's investigation of Alex Salmond likely to play out?

'Making pizzas used to be a hobby, now it's my business'

12:46 AM 15/01/2019

In four years Lee DeSanges has gone from throwing pizza parties to running his own restaurant.

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