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UK News

John Worboys release will not be challenged by government

11:15 AM 19/01/2018

Victims to legally fight the decision to release rapist John Worboys but the government will not.

Oxford student Oliver Mears rape case dropped by CPS

11:25 AM 19/01/2018

Oliver Mears was arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault in 2015 when he was 17 years old.

Boris Johnson suggests 'bridge' between UK and France

10:49 AM 19/01/2018

The foreign secretary's suggestion of a new crossing from UK to France gets a mixed reaction.

Cancer blood test ‘enormously exciting’

12:25 AM 19/01/2018

Scientists move nearer to one of the biggest goals in medicine - a universal blood test for cancer.

Dolores O'Riordan: Inquest into Cranberries singer awaits test results

10:57 AM 19/01/2018

A coroner is waiting for the results of medical tests following the Cranberries singer's death.

ATM shake-up could leave many without cash, consumer group warns

12:40 AM 19/01/2018

People in remote areas could be left with little or no access to cash, says consumer group Which?

Loch Fyne search resumes for missing fishermen after boat capsizes

10:22 AM 19/01/2018

A third man was pulled from the water after their vessel capsized in Loch Fyne in Argyll and Bute.

Fresh warnings for snow and ice across Scotland

11:29 AM 19/01/2018

The Met Office upgrades its weather warning to amber, covering large parts of Scotland.

'Urban explorer' who climbed Humber Bridge fined

11:15 AM 19/01/2018

Ryan Taylor, from Walsall, was fined £400 for scaling the Humber Bridge without safety equipment.

Loughinisland judge asked to withdraw from case

11:30 AM 19/01/2018

Mr Justice McCloskey was due to announce whether he would quash a report into the Loughinsland murders.

Teen denies Parsons Green terror charge

10:26 AM 19/01/2018

Ahmed Hassan has been remanded in custody to appear at the Old Bailey.

UK retail sales fall in December

11:12 AM 19/01/2018

Official figures show retail sales volumes fell by 1.5% in December, a sharper fall than expected.

Carillion worker with 'a fiver left to his name'

01:45 AM 19/01/2018

Philip Ellis lost his labouring job when the construction giant collapsed.

Meghan Markle: Why people love Prince Harry's fiancee

12:35 AM 19/01/2018

Fans of Meghan Markle describe what they like so much about the future wife of Prince Harry.

'The infection which took my nose and legs'

01:44 AM 19/01/2018

Oxford professor Liz Frood was fit and healthy until she was struck by what she thought was a stomach bug.

Australia's Channel 9 news promo looks like BBC's version

01:47 AM 19/01/2018

Channel 9's promo for its Today show was copied, at moments, word for word from the BBC's promo video.

Barber's shop in Cradley Heath installs licensed bar

01:48 AM 19/01/2018

The two brothers behind the idea have named the bar in memory of their mother Carol.

Emmeline Pankhurst: Artist begins work on statue

08:07 PM 18/01/2018

The 8ft-tall bronze monument is being created in West Sussex, but will be located in Manchester.

Airborne Hemel Hempstead crash drink-driver sentenced

03:48 PM 18/01/2018

Ross Edmonds, 26, of Bowmans Court, Hemel Hempstead, left the road and smashed in to a car park.

BBC News Channel

07:22 AM 17/11/2017

BBC coverage of latest developments

Newspaper headlines: Bridge over Channel and Prince William's haircut

05:59 AM 19/01/2018

Friday's papers feature calls for a bridge from the UK to France and photos of Prince William's hair.

Hijab shampoo advert: L'Oreal model on 'game-changing' ad

09:44 AM 19/01/2018

Beauty blogger Amena Khan hopes to empower young women by wearing a hijab in a new hair advert.

What do children draw when asked about their future jobs?

12:54 AM 19/01/2018

A survey of thousands of young people across the world reveal what influences their career aspirations.

How Liverpool prison became UK's 'worst jail'

01:10 AM 19/01/2018

Liverpool Prison has a list of failures stretching back years.

When working part-time isn't viable

12:02 AM 19/01/2018

The mother who had to give up her job to fit in childcare

Carillion: Six charts that explain what happened

02:30 AM 19/01/2018

A series of charts and maps that tell the story of the construction giant's demise.

London lit up by Lumiere festival

08:42 PM 18/01/2018

The four-night festival is illuminating landmarks across the city.

'I'm sorry' - but how do you tell if an apology is fake or genuine?

07:42 PM 18/01/2018

Tips from publicists and body language experts on how to spot sincerity, amid a flurry of public apologies.

Bayeux Tapestry: The story in six scenes

02:47 PM 18/01/2018

A battle over the throne is the climax of the story of the Norman Conquest of England.

Chrissy Chambers: Revenge porn almost killed me

03:35 PM 18/01/2018

Singer Chrissy Chambers describes how her life changed when her ex posted an explicit video online.

Why I took my wife's last name

02:22 AM 18/01/2018

Kirstie Brewer speaks to three men who broke with convention and took their wife's name when they married.

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