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UK News

Life-extending lung cancer drug approved

11:40 PM 19/09/2017

A drug denied to restaurant critic AA Gill on the NHS will now be made available to patients in England.

British kayaker Emma Kelty 'murdered' on Amazon trip

10:26 PM 19/09/2017

Two teenagers and a man are held by Brazilian police over the 43-year-old kayaker's death.

Miscarriage study points to IVF success chances

11:08 PM 19/09/2017

Women who miscarry in the first round of IVF are more likely to have a baby than those who do not conceive.

Quarter of 14-year-old girls 'have signs of depression'

11:51 PM 19/09/2017

The findings come from 10,000 young people's views and make worrying reading, say UK researchers.

Manchester police still relies on Windows XP

11:06 PM 19/09/2017

More than 20% of Greater Manchester Police's PCs run on the operating system, posing a hack risk.

Google launches UK 'anti-terror fund'

11:08 PM 19/09/2017

Google will give UK £1m to counter extremism as part of wider plans to deal with such content on its platforms.

Parsons Green bombing: Third arrest over Tube attack

09:50 PM 19/09/2017

A 25-year-old man is arrested in Newport, south Wales, in connection with Friday's attack.

Water companies pulled up over complaint calls

11:01 PM 19/09/2017

A complaints body says consumers had to make more than two million calls to resolve water issues.

Hurricane Maria: British overseas territories warned

07:25 PM 19/09/2017

The category five storm threatens Montserrat and the British Virgin Islands, already devastated by Irma.

Young people 'face debt epidemic'

11:52 PM 19/09/2017

A quarter of 18- to 30-year olds in England and Wales borrow to make ends meet, a survey suggests.

Tata and ThyssenKrupp 'agree' first stage of merger deal

09:33 PM 19/09/2017

Tata and ThyssenKrupp owns steelworks across the UK including the largest site in Port Talbot.

Ministers face pay cap conundrum, says the IFS

11:00 PM 19/09/2017

The government must raise public sector pay to retain skilled staff but faces funding issues, says the IFS

Theresa May asked about Johnson's Brexit article

04:48 PM 19/09/2017

Theresa May is asked about Boris Johnson's intervention on Brexit and whether her cabinet is united.

Lib Dem conference delegates on a possible Prime Minister Cable

01:13 PM 19/09/2017

Do the Lib Dem party faithful agree that their leader could soon be prime minister?

Around the world in under 80 days: On a bike.

06:58 AM 19/09/2017

Mark Beaumont has finished his 80 day round the world cycle in 78 days.

Measles vaccine: 'I cheated my daughter'

05:48 AM 19/09/2017

Jo Walton's daughter was left severely disabled when the measles infection she had as a child returned 24 years later.

Theresa May is making a big Brexit speech in Florence. But why do it there?

06:26 AM 19/09/2017

The BBC's Katya Adler, Adam Fleming, James Reynolds and Laura Kuenssberg explain why.

Parsons Green Tube bombing: CCTV shows suspect with Lidl bag

04:49 PM 18/09/2017

New footage captures a man in Sunbury-on-Thames in Surrey, where police are now searching a property.

Staying safe online at 'big school'

01:11 AM 18/09/2017

Are new secondary school students and their parents ready for the next level of social media?

BBC News Channel

09:16 AM 15/09/2017

BBC coverage of latest developments

UK hosts Europe's first dark sky conference

11:10 PM 19/09/2017

The south west of Scotland hopes to cement its reputation as a premier destination for stargazing.

Neolithic Orkney rivalries detailed in new study

11:11 PM 19/09/2017

Rivalries in Orkney more than 4,500 years ago led to competition between communities, according to new research.

Newspaper headlines: Johnson's backs off and Trump speech stuns

11:31 PM 19/09/2017

Boris Johnson's claim the cabinet is in harmony over Brexit is among the front-page headlines.

Celeb punishment

12:43 PM 19/09/2017

Which famous faces have been ordered by court to complete unpaid work?

Ryanair 'mess up'

04:21 PM 18/09/2017

The Civil Aviation Authority advises passengers not to cancel their flights themselves.

'We just got lucky'

05:12 AM 19/09/2017

The 1992 bombing of the forensic science labs at Belvoir Park damaged 700 homes and buildings.

Corbyn's caution

05:32 PM 19/09/2017

Labour's ruling body backs leadership-contest rule changes which could move things in Jeremy Corbyn's favour.

The post which led to prison

10:16 PM 18/09/2017

A local resident explains why he posted photos of a man who had died in the Grenfell Tower fire on social media.

Potter play to Broadway

12:06 AM 19/09/2017

The actress discusses how the show might grow ahead of its Broadway transfer next year.

Tube bomb 'pandemonium'

08:52 PM 18/09/2017

An initial investigation into Friday's terror attack gives a snapshot of how staff responded.

'Holiday disaster'

05:07 PM 18/09/2017

Many passengers hit by the cancellation of Ryanair flights across Europe have been telling their stories.

Cumberbatch's challenge

11:51 PM 17/09/2017

The actor talks about trolls, Doctor Who and his latest role as a father whose daughter goes missing.

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