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UK News

Budget aim to help UK 'seize opportunities' from Brexit

12:31 PM 22/11/2017

Chancellor Philip Hammond will vow to tackle deep-seated economic challenges "head on".

UK regulator has 'huge concerns' over Uber breach

10:55 AM 22/11/2017

A data breach affecting 57 million customers and drivers should not have been concealed, the information commissioner says.

Wigan's Ryan Colclough subbed for son's birth after scoring twice

12:06 PM 22/11/2017

Wigan's Ryan Colclough scored twice and made it to the birth - in full kit - with minutes to spare.

Choice of tipple 'determines different moods'

08:15 AM 22/11/2017

Spirits may make you angry or tearful, while red wine or beer may make you relax, research says.

Grangela: Labour's Angela Rayner is grandmother at 37

10:54 AM 22/11/2017

Labour's Angela Rayner becomes the youngest grandmother in the House of Commons.

Stalybridge Aldi car park find could be human bones

09:32 AM 22/11/2017

Police think the supermarket car park where the suspected remains were found was a burial ground.

Law Society accreditation scheme advert 'misled' public

03:12 AM 22/11/2017

Watchdog criticises professional body over website description of accreditation scheme for firms.

Trevor Sinclair in drink-drive and police assault charges

10:38 AM 22/11/2017

The ex-England footballer is also accused of drink-driving and racially aggravated public order offences.

Ashes: England pick Jake Ball as Australia call up Glenn Maxwell

07:30 AM 22/11/2017

England name Jake Ball in their side for the first Ashes Test, while Australia call up Glenn Maxwell as cover for David Warner.

Boy, 3, died 'waiting to see doctor' at Birmingham hospital

10:28 PM 21/11/2017

Birmingham Children's Hospital says a review will take place into Basil Mohammed's death.

The Likely Lads actor Rodney Bewes dies

02:42 AM 22/11/2017

The actor who played Bob Ferris in the popular BBC sitcom has died aged 79, his agent confirms.

Bookmaker arrested in gambling law probe

06:29 AM 22/11/2017

It is part of a PSNI investigation into fixed odds betting terminals.

Budget 2017: Hammond, May, Corbyn and McDonnell headlines

06:41 AM 22/11/2017

BBC News archives look back on the election campaign, conference season and economic highlights in the last 12 months.

Benedict Allen: Was jungle trip PR stunt?

06:31 AM 22/11/2017

The British explorer is back home after going missing in Papua New Guinea.

Boris Johnson: Mugabe exit 'moment of hope' for Zimbabwe

06:42 PM 21/11/2017

The UK foreign secretary says Robert Mugabe's resignation as president is a "moment of hope" for Zimbabwe.

Children in 'save Desborough Library' protest

09:16 PM 21/11/2017

About 60 primary school children gathered in Desborough to show their support for the town's library.

Under 30s railcard gets mixed reaction from millennials

10:02 PM 21/11/2017

The discounted train travel option is set to be announced in Wednesday's Budget.

Allen: 'I made a farewell video message to my family'

01:42 PM 21/11/2017

Explorer Benedict Allen said he made a video for his family in case he died whilst on expedition.

Gaia Pope's father makes emotional tribute

10:14 AM 21/11/2017

Richard Sutherland said his daughter would "remain in our hearts".

Daily Politics

07:36 PM 21/10/2013

Live coverage of BBC2's Daily Politics from Westminster with Andrew Neil and Jo Coburn.

Scientist finds UK water companies use 'magic' to find leaks

07:22 PM 21/11/2017

Engineers from the majority of the UK's water firms still use divining rods to locate pipes, it emerges.

'Ice Maiden' team aim to break ski record

07:42 PM 21/11/2017

Six women from the British Army want to be the first all-female group to ski across Antarctica.

Newspaper headlines: Ecstatic Zimbabwe and Budget 'war'

05:46 AM 22/11/2017

The front pages carry photos from Zimbabwe after President Mugabe quit and speculation on the Budget.

'I ripped up the rulebook'

10:06 AM 22/11/2017

The Good Morning Britain host on why being "provocative" in the mornings is a good thing.

'This is our city'

12:39 AM 22/11/2017

How life has changed for people in the city six months on.

Speaking out

11:59 PM 21/11/2017

There are huge differences in libel laws, which might explain why the scandal has hit the US so hard.


12:43 AM 22/11/2017

Forty years on from the inaugural London-New York Concorde service, those who flew on the iconic aircraft share their memories.

Budget quiz

12:13 AM 22/11/2017

The BBC's Budget quiz: See how much you know about the UK Budget's long and colourful history.

Obituary: Rodney Bewes

07:10 PM 21/11/2017

The actor found fame in The Likely Lads but struggled to repeat that success.

Seeking support

07:02 PM 21/11/2017

After becoming homeless, Steve says he would probably have died on the streets if he hadn't received support to rent a home.

Kids v Cars

02:02 AM 21/11/2017

How one woman championed a way to bring community spirit back to city streets and keep children fit.

Please don't pet!

02:40 PM 21/11/2017

We know guide dogs shouldn't be disturbed, but some owners say their dogs should be left alone too.

Bouncing back

11:30 AM 21/11/2017

Jana Novotna bounced back after tearfully losing a Wimbledon final. How did other tearful sport stars fare?

Staying power

11:21 AM 21/11/2017

The stories of everyday go-to gadgets that have stood the test of time.

Tampon tax

04:52 PM 20/11/2017

The amount it has cost you depends on how old you are and when you started your first period.

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