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Politics News

Vince Cable: I can lead Lib Dems back to power

05:50 PM 19/09/2017

The Lib Dem leader attacks the "masochism" of Brexit as he closes the party's annual conference.

Boris Johnson denies cabinet Brexit split

05:21 PM 19/09/2017

The foreign secretary says he will not be quitting and that the government is "working together".

Labour rule changes backed by ruling NEC

06:55 PM 19/09/2017

The reforms could make it easier for a left-wing candidate to replace Jeremy Corbyn.

UK suspends aid for Myanmar military

05:39 PM 19/09/2017

Financial assistance is suspended in the light of "ongoing violence" in the country's Rakhine state.

UK 'biggest audience' in Europe for jihadist web content

11:45 PM 18/09/2017

Britain is the fifth-biggest audience in the world for extremist content, a study finds.

Housing money wasted 'propping up rents'

10:49 AM 19/09/2017

There are calls for changes to the way the lack of affordable housing is tackled in England.

Ministers face pay cap conundrum, says the IFS

11:00 PM 19/09/2017

The government must raise public sector pay to retain skilled staff but faces funding issues, says the IFS

Scottish and Welsh governments set out Brexit bill amendments

02:39 PM 19/09/2017

The Scottish and Welsh governments are working together on amendments to the EU withdrawal bill.

Theresa May 'driving from front' on Brexit after Boris Johnson row

08:38 PM 18/09/2017

The prime minister responds to questions about Boris Johnson's recent newspaper article.

Theresa May in Canada for post-Brexit trade talks

06:43 PM 18/09/2017

She says the Canada-EU trade deal can form the basis of post-Brexit relations with the country.

Top Brexit official Oliver Robbins moves to No 10

02:31 PM 18/09/2017

The UK's top Brexit official, Oliver Robbins, will now work more directly for the prime minister.

Tim Farron: Tories 'breaking Britain over immigration'

11:24 AM 18/09/2017

The former Liberal Democrat leader accuses the PM and Jeremy Corbyn of being "cowards" over Brexit.

Brexit: UK reveals details of proposed new EU security deal

04:24 PM 18/09/2017

Whitehall officials say they will "find other ways to keep us safe" if the plans are not agreed.

MPs tell of death threats and abuse at 2017 election

04:26 AM 18/09/2017

Nearly all of the 113 MPs who replied to an exclusive BBC 5 live survey said they had been targeted.

Vince Cable: I could become prime minister

01:37 PM 17/09/2017

The Lib Dem leader says British politics is in a "remarkable state of flux" and anything could happen.

Tipping the balance?

05:32 PM 19/09/2017

Labour's ruling body backs leadership-contest rule changes which could move things in Jeremy Corbyn's favour.

New ideas needed?

09:14 AM 19/09/2017

After the compromises of government, Lib Dems are asking themselves if they need to be more radical.

Referendum returns?

06:36 PM 17/09/2017

The Lib Dems are united in wanting to stop Brexit in its tracks but not necessarily on how to do it.

Battle for attention

04:53 PM 19/09/2017

How can the Liberal Democrat leader get people to listen to what he has to say?

Brexit and more

01:21 PM 14/09/2017

A guide to the Lib Dems and what the party needs to do at its 2017 party conference in Bournemouth.

Union differences

01:04 PM 13/09/2017

A behind-the-scenes look at the TUC conference where talk of illegal strike action loomed large.

Flashpoints ahead

04:51 PM 12/09/2017

A majority of MPs have backed the bill's broad principles, but a number of contentious issues remain.

Reality Check

05:22 PM 13/09/2017

Theresa May says an officer starting in 2010 would, by now, have received a 32% increase in pay in real terms.

Viewing guide

11:39 AM 11/09/2017

What's on this week at the European Parliament?

Reality Check

12:00 PM 08/09/2017

A look at the sums behind Theresa May's claim in Parliament.

'Rivers of blood'

12:32 AM 08/09/2017

Ian McDiarmid's latest role tries to uncover the true character of the controversial politician Enoch Powell.

Reality Check

01:11 PM 06/09/2017

How might a clampdown on low-skilled workers affect EU nationals?

Hung Parliament: What's going on

12:34 PM 26/06/2017

Theresa May has done a deal with the DUP which means she stays as UK prime minister. Here's a guide to what's going on.

Which seats changed hands at election?

08:28 AM 10/06/2017

As the UK wakes up to a hung Parliament find out which seats have changed hands.

Theresa May: 10 reasons why the PM blew her majority

04:01 PM 14/06/2017

Theories abound about how Theresa May threw away her Commons majority in last week's general election - here are 10 of them.

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

03:39 PM 05/09/2017

A guide to how the UK will leave the European Union after the 2016 referendum.

Who's who: Theresa May's cabinet

02:57 PM 04/07/2017

Theresa May forms her new government after failing to win a majority in the election.

Election: Key points at-a-glance

04:18 PM 09/06/2017

An at-a-glance summary of the key points of Election 2017.

Theresa May asked about Johnson's Brexit article

04:48 PM 19/09/2017

Theresa May is asked about Boris Johnson's intervention on Brexit and whether her cabinet is united.

Vince Cable addresses Lib Dem conference

05:23 PM 19/09/2017

Sir Vince Cable gives his first conference speech as Liberal Democrat leader.

Boris Johnson ambushed by press pack: I'm not resigning

04:52 PM 19/09/2017

Boris Johnson is cornered by journalists and asked about the row sparked by his Brexit article.

Liberal Democrat year: Tim Farron to Vince Cable

09:35 AM 19/09/2017

The Liberal Democrats picked up a few seats in the 2017 election, and gained a new leader without a leadership contest.

Can Conservatives learn from Labour to win over young voters?

03:12 PM 19/09/2017

Challenges for Tories if they want to win over a new generation of voters, who traditionally back Labour.

Theresa May is making a big Brexit speech in Florence. But why do it there?

06:26 AM 19/09/2017

The BBC's Katya Adler, Adam Fleming, James Reynolds and Laura Kuenssberg explain why.

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