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Politics News

Brexit: Vote on Theresa May's deal may not happen next week

09:06 AM 23/03/2019

Theresa May tells MPs her Brexit deal might not be put to a vote next week if she doesn't think it'll pass.

Ministers 'divided' over process for testing Brexit options

05:39 PM 22/03/2019

No decision has been taken on whether votes on alternatives to the PM's deal should be binding or not.

Intimidation of MPs worsening, says ex-MI5 chief Lord Evans

06:30 PM 22/03/2019

The problem is becoming worse - and Brexit has made the issue 'particularly acute', says Lord Evans.

Brexit: Petition to revoke Article 50 passes 3m signatures

01:11 PM 22/03/2019

Online campaign to revoke Article 50 still proving popular - despite Theresa May ruling it out.

Social status quiz for civil service job applicants

05:37 PM 22/03/2019

Civil service chiefs are asking staff how working class they think they are to make recruitment fairer.

Why bots probably aren't gaming the 'Cancel Brexit' petition

01:39 PM 22/03/2019

Questions have been asked about whether all the 3m signatures on the petition are genuine.

Tory MP Chris Davies guilty of false expenses claim

02:50 PM 22/03/2019

A court hears Chris Davies MP is the "author of his own misfortune" as he admits two charges.

Brexit: Departure date pushed back by at least two weeks

01:48 PM 22/03/2019

Theresa May is given more time to come up with a Brexit solution after talks with EU leaders.

Nigel Farage back in frontline politics as Brexit Party leader

12:37 PM 22/03/2019

The former UKIP boss says his new party could mobilise quickly if needed to fight European elections.

Jeremy Corbyn tribute to MP Paul Flynn at Newport funeral

01:48 PM 22/03/2019

The Labour leader joins mourners remembering the life of the late Newport West MP.

Brexit: EU leaders agree Article 50 delay plan

12:10 AM 22/03/2019

Brexit can be postponed until 22 May if MPs back deal next week, or 12 April if they do not.

Facebook staff 'flagged Cambridge Analytica fears earlier than thought'

11:54 AM 22/03/2019

Facebook says concerns raised about data-scraping were not related to the previously reported scandal.

Dollar singer David Van Day wins Thurrock by-election

12:23 PM 22/03/2019

The former Dollar and Bucks Fizz star was standing for the Conservatives.

Brexit: MPs urged not to travel home alone as tensions rise

06:00 PM 21/03/2019

MPs are urged to take taxis home and not travel alone as tensions rise over crunch Brexit votes.

Plaid Cymru could call for independence poll after Brexit

04:55 PM 22/03/2019

Wales should hold a referendum if we do not get tax and funding guarantees, says leader Adam Price.

Brexit: MoD prepares for no-deal in Whitehall bunker

07:17 PM 21/03/2019

Defence officials say the preparations at their Whitehall HQ are part of wider cross government action.

Bercow defends MPs after PM blames them for Brexit delay

09:18 PM 21/03/2019

Theresa May is accused of "irresponsibility" and urged to "dial down the hate" by MPs.

Corbyn calls for compromise to avoid no-deal Brexit

01:05 PM 21/03/2019

The Labour leader held meetings with senior EU figures on alternatives to Theresa May's Brexit deal.

UK interest rates on hold amid Brexit impasse

02:30 PM 21/03/2019

Bank of England says the outlook will depend "significantly on the nature and timing of EU withdrawal".

Voter ID trials ruled lawful by High Court judge

03:58 PM 20/03/2019

A crowdfunded campaign to stop voters needing ID has been rejected by the High Court.

Home Office 'utterly failing' over immigration detention centres

12:33 PM 21/03/2019

There are "serious problems" with "almost every part" of the detention centre system, MPs warn.

MP condemns Andrea Leadsom in PMQs over LGBT lesson remarks

08:23 PM 20/03/2019

Lloyd Russell-Moyle MP criticises Andrea Leadsom during PMQs for remarks made in a radio interview.

Labour investigates 'sexual harassment' by MP

02:58 PM 20/03/2019

Jarrow MP Stephen Hepburn is accused of targeting a female party member in a restaurant in 2005.

Cambridge councillor Donald Adey resigns post 400 miles away

10:41 AM 21/03/2019

Donald Adey, who lives in Scotland, admits it is "difficult" being 400 miles from his ward.

Brexit deadlock shows 'democracy all but dead' - Donald Trump Jr

07:26 AM 20/03/2019

The US president's son, who holds no political position, says Mrs May should have listened to his father.

MPs criticise EastEnders project

03:05 AM 20/03/2019

The new Walford was meant to be finished in 2018, but the target is now 2023 and it will cost £27m more.

Islamophobia: 'No place' for it in Conservative Party says chairman

09:18 PM 19/03/2019

The party chairman responds to Islamophobia claims, saying swift action is taken on complaints.

Brexit: What happens now?

11:28 AM 22/03/2019

After failing twice to get her Brexit deal through Parliament, Theresa May has now secured a delay to Brexit.

Article 50: Can the UK revoke Brexit?

02:22 PM 22/03/2019

A petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU has been signed by millions.

John Bercow: What's the role of a Speaker in Parliament?

12:41 PM 19/03/2019

Here's a quick refresher on who the Speaker of the House of Commons is and what he does.

Brexit: Is the UK actually in a crisis over leaving the EU?

10:51 AM 19/03/2019

Politicians and the press have been saying it for months. Are they scaremongering, or is the UK in a major crisis?

Council tax increase: Why am I paying the police so much?

12:01 AM 21/03/2019

A bigger portion of your council tax will go to police this year. But why? And what is it used for?

Brexit: Your simple guide to the UK leaving the EU

11:00 AM 22/03/2019

Feeling a little lost about what's going on with Brexit? Here's our basic guide.

What next for the Liberal Democrats?

01:33 AM 16/03/2019

With Vince Cable stepping down as leader, who might succeed him and what will it mean for the party?

Brexit: Can May still bring back her deal after Bercow statement?

06:01 PM 18/03/2019

How can the government get round the Speaker's statement and get another vote on its Brexit deal?

'Fake news' during the Cold War

07:04 AM 18/03/2019

Foreign Office officials fed information to journalists during the Cold War, newly released files show.

Confused by Brexit? Here's what's happened

02:55 PM 15/03/2019

After a rollercoaster week in UK politics, you would be forgiven for being left confused.

Four Brexits and a Divorce: What do MPs want?

11:49 AM 14/03/2019

Cross-party groups of MPs have spent months working on their own ideas for leaving the EU.

Brexit: Does the UK need to hold European elections?

02:04 PM 14/03/2019

If Brexit is delayed beyond 29 March, would the UK need to participate in May's European elections?

Brexit: What votes does Theresa May need for her deal to pass?

06:11 PM 12/03/2019

The prime minister needs support from all corners of the House if her deal is to get through.

Brexit: 10 ways you could be affected by no-deal

04:18 PM 22/03/2019

From your weekly shop to your holiday plans, how could a no-deal Brexit affect you?

If not 29 March, then when?

12:02 PM 07/03/2019

The PM has bowed to demands to hold a vote on pushing back the 29 March exit date. What are the other options?

All you need to know about Brexit

04:48 PM 31/01/2019

A guide to plans for the UK to leave the European Union, which is due to happen on 29 March.

Brexit: Jargon-busting guide to the key terms

12:01 PM 24/01/2019

From Article 50 to Backstop, find out what the key terms mean.

EU referendum: The result in maps and charts

01:41 PM 24/06/2016

How did the Leave camp clinch victory in the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU after what was a very closely fought contest?

Brexit Basics: The customs union explained

02:00 AM 17/11/2018

Confused by Brexit jargon? Reality Check unpacks the basics.

Rory Stewart MP on 'indicative votes'

02:04 PM 22/03/2019

The Prisons Minister says Parliament should be allowed to express its view.

May's speech 'not a great success'

01:02 PM 22/03/2019

The business secretary tells the BBC "even prime ministers sometimes don't get the tone quite right".

Guilty Feminist: 'I can't call Theresa May a feminist'

12:57 PM 22/03/2019

Co-creator of the Guilty Feminist podcast gives us her take on feminism.

Brexit: EU leaders agree delay

11:28 PM 21/03/2019

EU leaders have agreed on a plan to delay the Article 50 process, postponing Brexit beyond 29 March..

Brexit: Three moments that raised a smile

11:37 PM 21/03/2019

Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker updated reporters at a press conference which had some lighter moments.

Brexit extension: 'We are at the moment of decision' - May

11:52 PM 21/03/2019

Theresa May says she will now focus on getting the deal agreed by MPs when she returns to the UK.

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