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Politics News

'One last chance' to get Brexit done, says PM

03:59 PM 21/05/2019

Theresa May says MPs will get a vote on whether to hold another referendum if they back her bill.

Nigel Farage to be examined over £450,000 from Arron Banks

03:49 PM 21/05/2019

The Brexit Party leader is referred to a European Parliament committee over the £450,000 sum.

English councils 'face £50bn funding black hole'

04:00 PM 21/05/2019

A lobby group says councils could resort to providing the "bare minimum" because of rising costs.

MP calls for stronger job protection for mothers and pregnant women

02:03 PM 21/05/2019

Conservative MP Maria Miller says government plans to extend safeguards do not go far enough.

British Steel should be nationalised, urges Labour

03:40 PM 21/05/2019

The UK's second-biggest steel maker has been seeking £75m in government backing to help it stay afloat.

Nigel Farage milkshake attack: Man charged with assault

09:18 AM 21/05/2019

The Brexit Party leader had just given a short speech in Newcastle when he was covered in milkshake.

European elections 2019: Heseltine loses Tory whip over Lib Dem vote

07:01 PM 20/05/2019

The Tory peer has been disciplined after saying he would back the Lib Dems in European elections.

Historical abuse: 'Two-year wait' for compensation payments

02:07 PM 21/05/2019

It will take time to set up a board to approve victims' claims, warn senior civil servants.

Scottish government 'too close' to salmon farmers

08:48 AM 21/05/2019

The Scottish government and regulators are accused of being too close to the salmon farming industry.

'Broken' care system for most vulnerable

01:19 AM 21/05/2019

Patients with mental health problems, autism and learning disabilities are being let down, a report says.

European elections 2019: Remainers are angry too, says Vince Cable

08:49 PM 20/05/2019

The Lib Dem leader says young people feel their future was "taken away from them" by the Brexit vote.

Extend legal protections to Northern Ireland veterans, say MPs

05:13 PM 20/05/2019

The Commons hears soldiers are "living in fear" as it debates a petition urging immunity from prosecution.

European elections 2019: Greens targeting 'squeamish' Labour voters

03:09 PM 20/05/2019

Caroline Lucas says her party's anti-Brexit message will appeal to "progressive" voters on the left.

Brexit: Matt Hancock urges MPs to vote for bill

12:22 PM 20/05/2019

The health secretary says they should support it in June's vote and worry about the detail afterwards.

Tory MPs launch rival campaign groups

06:19 PM 20/05/2019

The two groups are offering competing strategies for the future of the Conservative Party.

Lord Heseltine defends decision to vote for Lib Dems

02:09 PM 20/05/2019

The Tory peer, who is facing calls to be expelled, insists he is acting in the "national interest".

Staff shortages 'abusing good will of nurses'

11:49 PM 19/05/2019

Nursing chiefs want to see safe staffing rules enshrined in law as 40,000 posts remain vacant.

Sajid Javid: New espionage bill will tackle threats

01:35 PM 20/05/2019

Foreign spies could have to register their presence under a new bill, the home secretary says.

Tackling skills gap ‘harmed by short-term politics’

06:36 AM 20/05/2019

Vocational education plans are "disjointed and inconsistent", says skills organisation.

MPs to debate immunity for Northern Ireland veterans

12:19 AM 20/05/2019

Tory MPs to call for action amid reports No 10 has blocked move to limit scope for prosecutions.

Brexit: New UK PM will not alter withdrawal deal - Coveney

10:01 PM 19/05/2019

Ireland's deputy prime minister says "the personality might change" but the Brexit deal will not.

Brexit: Nicola Sturgeon says SNP 'most consistent'

03:51 PM 19/05/2019

The SNP leader believes her party has articulated a consistent and clear anti-Brexit message.

Brexit: Theresa May plans 'bold offer' to get support for deal

12:53 PM 19/05/2019

Extra protections for workers could get "sensible" Labour MPs on board with Brexit, a minister says.

Revenge porn laws 'not working', says victims group

11:19 PM 18/05/2019

Victims should receive anonymity and laws need to include threats to share images, a victims group says.

Brexit: Withdrawal Agreement Bill 'should include public vote'

09:40 AM 18/05/2019

Labour's Sir Keir Starmer says Mrs May should agree to another referendum to "break the impasse".

General election risks 'killing Brexit', Matt Hancock warns

02:32 AM 18/05/2019

The next Tory leader should not call a general election before Brexit is complete, the health secretary says.

Chris Bryant MP: 'Traitor' painted on constituency offices

11:31 AM 18/05/2019

Labour MP Chris Bryant's constituency office in Tonypandy was targeted by vandals on Friday evening.

Geoffrey Robinson: Labour MP denies claims he was 'Czech spy'

01:32 PM 19/05/2019

The Labour MP rejects the Cold War claims and says he did not have access to such sensitive material.

Ice cream ban near Farage Edinburgh campaign rally

03:19 PM 18/05/2019

McDonald's staff in Edinburgh were told not to sell milkshakes or ice cream following a spate of throwing incidents.

Campus anti-Semitism must be stamped out, says universities minister

12:47 AM 17/05/2019

Chris Skidmore says it is "unjust" to expect Jewish groups to fund security for university events.

Tommy Robinson: Trouble flares at event in Oldham

09:55 PM 18/05/2019

Footage posted on social media shows clashes between supporters and counter-demonstrators in Oldham.

Leave.EU founder confirms he funded Nigel Farage in year after referendum

07:10 PM 17/05/2019

The now-leader of the Brexit Party received £450,000 from Arron Banks in the year after the referendum.

Votes at 16: No demand, says polling expert

11:11 PM 17/05/2019

The voting age could be lowered - but a polling expert is sceptical about its advantages.

What are the rules around funding political parties?

03:41 PM 20/05/2019

There are strict rules around party donations, but how do they work?

The Canvey Island view on Euro elections

11:10 PM 20/05/2019

What do people in one of 2016's most pro-Brexit areas think about the upcoming European Elections?

European elections 2019: Views from centre of England

12:36 AM 20/05/2019

What do people living in the village of Meriden think about the EU elections?

Eurovision: Is Brexit to blame for the UK's latest flop?

12:27 PM 20/05/2019

Some put the UK's last-place finish down to a Brexit backlash, but there are other factors at work.

Week ahead at Holyrood: Parking tax proposals

09:36 AM 20/05/2019

MSPs will discuss the workplace levy which could see motorists pay for parking at work.

Margaret Thatcher: How she confounded Tories who ridiculed idea of her as PM

11:42 PM 17/05/2019

How the grocer's daughter confounded her Conservative colleagues and worked her way to the top.

European elections 2019: Why adults are giving kids their vote

07:57 PM 17/05/2019

Climate-conscious adults are allowing children to cast their ballots at the 2019 European election.

The politics of a kitchen photo-op: Can MPs avoid a roasting?

04:58 PM 14/05/2019

Housing Secretary James Brokenshire is facing a roasting after being pictured in front of his four ovens.

Brexit: What happens next?

04:20 PM 21/05/2019

The EU and UK have agreed a further delay to Brexit until 31 October. So how will the deadlock be broken?

Embattled buses - ups and downs of an election staple

02:02 PM 14/05/2019

As Change UK's bus is criticised for its clunky styling, we look back at other political vehicles.

Who could replace Theresa May?

10:31 AM 15/05/2019

Conservatives are jostling to be the party's next leader.

Pornhub and other controversial ways to win votes

12:21 AM 16/05/2019

PornHub is the latest video-sharing platform politicians have used to get the public's attention.

Runners and riders: Tory leadership steeplechase

09:43 AM 13/05/2019

BBC racing correspondent Cornelius Lysaght goes through the runners and riders for Brexitcast.

European elections 2019: Deep Brexit divide remains in Liverpool and St Helens

01:41 PM 13/05/2019

Why a lot more divides Liverpool and St Helens than the choice of football and the East Lancs Road.

Five new things about online campaigning

12:19 AM 13/05/2019

In 2017, pro-Labour posts and memes were shared more widely on Facebook than Conservative messages. What has changed since then?

European elections 2019: Love and hate in EU after economic rescues

11:11 PM 12/05/2019

Enthusiasm for the EU is strong in Ireland, weak in Greece - yet both had huge EU bailouts.

European elections 2019: What the European Parliament has done in the last five years

11:35 PM 28/04/2019

Cutting phone bills abroad and tightening internet copyright – MEPs have been busy since 2014.

MPs' expenses: the legacy of a scandal

10:34 AM 07/05/2019

Ten years on from the revelations and public outrage, was an opportunity to reform Parliament missed?

Local elections: 7 things you may have missed

05:23 PM 03/05/2019

Beyond the headlines of misery for the UK's two major parties, smaller plot twists have played out.

Gavin Williamson sacking: What is the Official Secrets Act?

11:26 AM 02/05/2019

Gavin Williamson has been sacked for allegedly disclosing information.

All you need to know about Brexit

11:04 AM 10/05/2019

A guide to plans for the UK to leave the European Union.

European elections: What pay can UK MEPs expect?

03:16 PM 07/05/2019

The UK will take part in the European elections, what pay and benefits can MEPs expect?

European elections: How the UK is gearing up for likelihood of polls

09:10 AM 17/04/2019

Theresa May says she doesn't want them but the parties are preparing for polls in six weeks time.

Brexit: Jargon-busting guide to the key terms

12:01 PM 24/01/2019

From Article 50 to Backstop, find out what the key terms mean.

EU referendum: The result in maps and charts

01:41 PM 24/06/2016

How did the Leave camp clinch victory in the referendum on the UK's membership of the EU after what was a very closely fought contest?

Brexit: What is the customs union?

02:00 AM 17/11/2018

Confused by Brexit jargon? Reality Check unpacks the basics.

Theresa May sets out '10-point offer' to deliver Brexit

04:05 PM 21/05/2019

Theresa May says a failure to back her Brexit bill could lead to a general election, which risks "no Brexit at all".

Tory MP: Maternity leave 'not a time for redundancy'

04:04 PM 21/05/2019

Conservative MP Maria Miller introduces a bill that would prevent firms from sacking pregnant women.

Nigel Farage: Milkshake thrown at Brexit Party leader

09:05 PM 20/05/2019

Video footage shows Nigel Farage having a milkshake thrown at him during a campaign walkabout.

European elections 2019: Voters in Weston-super-Mare

10:50 AM 21/05/2019

Weston-super-Mare voted in line with the 52-48 national result to leave the EU in 2016, but have views changed since then?

EU elections: Voters divided and uncertain

10:56 AM 20/05/2019

Ahead of Thursday's EU elections, some people are unsure about which party to support as the UK votes for MEPs.

MP Jess Phillips in LGBT teaching row with protester

02:12 PM 20/05/2019

Jess Phillips calls for an exclusion zone outside a primary school at the centre of the protests.

Who are the candidates?

12:58 AM 28/04/2019

Check candidates standing in the UK in the 23 May European Election.

2019 European elections opinion polls: How are the parties faring?

10:08 AM 20/05/2019

Brexit Party leads polls for the European elections, with the Tories on course for a historic low.

What the parties think about Brexit

12:38 PM 21/05/2019

UK elections to the European Parliament are fast approaching - what are the parties' policies?

Simple guide to European elections

11:17 AM 08/05/2019

Voters across the EU are about to go to the polls - find out who's involved and what's at stake.

2019 European elections: How many new MEPs might you get?

08:31 AM 16/05/2019

As Brexit dominates the work of MPs and MEPs, how seriously should voters take the European elections?

2019 European elections: What you need to know

10:50 AM 14/05/2019

Who can vote in the elections and when will the results be announced?

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