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Politics News

Labour conference to debate option of fresh Brexit vote

12:20 PM 24/09/2018

But the shadow chancellor suggests it would be on the terms of Brexit, not an in-out referendum.

Labour conference: John McDonnell unveils shares plan for workers

12:00 PM 24/09/2018

John McDonnell announces mass share ownership scheme and sets out plan to nationalise water industry.

Brexit: May to chair cabinet amid pressure for Chequers rethink

10:59 AM 24/09/2018

No 10 says ministers are united amid pressure on her to do a U-turn and back Canada-style trade deal.

Len McCluskey rounds on Chuka Umunna and Labour 'plotters'

11:22 AM 24/09/2018

The Unite leader tells Chuka Umunna to "drop the country club plotting" and get behind Jeremy Corbyn.

Labour plans to give tenants more power

10:55 PM 23/09/2018

Landlords would no longer be able to kick tenants out with no reason, under Labour proposals.

Labour conference: No new academies, Angela Rayner to pledge

10:44 PM 23/09/2018

Schools will not lose their current status but would have to follow new "national rules", party says.

Jeremy Hunt: Don't mistake politeness for weakness

06:06 PM 22/09/2018

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt urges EU leaders to "step back from the abyss" of a no-deal Brexit.

Anti-Semitism row: Union chiefs 'trying to smear Jewish community'

04:28 PM 23/09/2018

Labour MPs criticise Len McCluskey and Mark Serwotka as Jeremy Corbyn says anti-Semitism is a "scourge".

Labour conference: Deselecting MPs made easier

11:47 AM 24/09/2018

The party backs the change as a union boss says some MPs are "almost asking to be deselected".

No-deal Brexit 'no problem', Nigel Farage says at Leave Means Leave rally

05:36 PM 22/09/2018

Ex-UKIP leader tells Leave Means Leave rally the "endless negative narrative" needs to be countered.

Labour could renationalise railways in five years - McDonnell

01:02 PM 22/09/2018

John McDonnell says he will create a Treasury unit to oversee the party's plans for more public ownership.

Labour promises paid leave for domestic violence victims

01:52 PM 22/09/2018

Shadow equalities minister Dawn Butler says the policy will tackle the "hidden killer" of domestic violence.

UKIP aiming to be 'radical, populist' party - Gerard Batten

09:01 AM 21/09/2018

Leader Gerard Batten unveils the party's new manifesto, which urges a "clean exit" from the EU.

European Court to rule on whether UK can halt Brexit

11:18 AM 21/09/2018

Anti-Brexit campaigners win permission to ask Europe's highest court whether the process can be halted.

Pound falls after May's Brexit statement

02:31 PM 21/09/2018

Sterling's slide deepens after the Prime Minister's comments renew fears of a no-deal Brexit.

Brexit: What happens next?

10:53 AM 24/09/2018

With Brexit talks in deadlock, what might happen between now and the official departure day next March?

De-selection row

07:18 PM 23/09/2018

What lies behind the row over MP deselection that broke out at Labour's annual conference?

'No cherries'

08:24 AM 21/09/2018

EU chief Donald Tusk's controversial social media teasing of Theresa May is part of a wider strategy.

The view from Europe

03:25 PM 20/09/2018

There’s a distinct tone of concern in European newspapers over Prime Minister Theresa May’s proposal for future trading ties.

Rule changes

01:33 PM 18/09/2018

Labour's executive discusses changes to party rules amid tensions between unions and activists.

Reality check

12:16 AM 21/09/2018

Reality Check's Chris Morris sees how Brexit and the Irish border's future could affect this Welsh port.

Six things

03:50 PM 18/09/2018

Stopping Brexit, Sir Vince's long goodbye - and other things we learned in Brighton.

Poll watching

12:25 AM 18/09/2018

With six months to go until Brexit, opinions on the subject remain sharply divided.

Price worth paying?

03:19 PM 17/09/2018

Would Lib Dems form a new party with Labour and Tory MPs if they thought it would stop Brexit?

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

11:40 AM 22/09/2018

A guide to plans for the UK to leave the European Union, after the 2016 referendum.

Party conferences 2017

04:16 PM 24/10/2017

The latest on the major political parties in the autumn conference season.

Election 2017: At-a-glance

04:18 PM 09/06/2017

An at-a-glance summary of the key points of Election 2017.

Does Theresa May trust Donald Trump?

11:56 AM 24/09/2018

The UK and US have a special relationship which means its leaders can have "frank and open discussions" says Theresa May.

A party divided: Where next for Labour?

06:49 AM 24/09/2018

The Victoria Derbyshire programme hears from people at the heart of the party.

Labour official Andy Kerr sorry for Catholic jibe

10:39 AM 24/09/2018

Senior Labour official Andy Kerr apologises for his remark at the party conference in Liverpool.

Labour Conference: Can Jeremy Corbyn keep the party united?

06:48 AM 22/09/2018

Labour Party members head to Liverpool for their annual conference.

David Lammy: 'Can you hear us Jeremy Corbyn?'

02:48 PM 23/09/2018

Labour MP David Lammy calls on leader Jeremy Corbyn to back a "People's Vote" on the final Brexit deal.

Corbyn: 'Anti-Semitism is a scourge on any society'

10:59 AM 23/09/2018

Jeremy Corbyn says he will continue to oppose anti-Semitism and that Labour has taken steps to address it.

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