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Politics News

John Worboys release will not be challenged by government

11:15 AM 19/01/2018

Victims to legally fight the decision to release rapist John Worboys but the government will not.

Labour's candidates for general election target seats revealed

09:58 AM 19/01/2018

In the wake of the 2017 general election, Labour sets its sights on government.

Call to curb disruption caused by holiday lets like Airbnb

11:12 AM 19/01/2018

Short-term lets, like Airbnb, are big business in the UK - but neighbours are increasingly fed up.

Boris Johnson suggests 'bridge' between UK and France

10:49 AM 19/01/2018

The foreign secretary's suggestion of a new crossing from UK to France gets a mixed reaction.

Calais migrants: UK and France sign new treaty

01:20 AM 19/01/2018

But French president indicates he will not bow to demands to include financial services in Brexit deal.

MoD 'exposed financially' by carrier and jet programme

12:47 AM 19/01/2018

The Carrier Strike programme must be delivered on budget, MPs say, or other projects will suffer.

First Carillion task force meeting 'constructive'

10:40 PM 18/01/2018

The group will co-ordinate efforts to support business and workers affected, government says

Stormont: Fresh NI devolution talks announced

03:34 PM 18/01/2018

Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley says there is an opportunity to make progress at Stormont.

Nus Ghani is first Muslim woman minister to speak in Commons

12:07 PM 18/01/2018

MP Nus Ghani becomes the first Muslim woman minister to speak in the House of Commons.

Margaret Thatcher set to lose out in Parliament Square statue battle

01:21 PM 18/01/2018

A monument to Britain's first female prime minister opposite Parliament looks set to be rejected.

PFI deals 'costing taxpayers billions'

01:39 PM 18/01/2018

Financing schools and hospitals privately is much more expensive than a public alternative, report finds.

Justine Greening hits out at Heathrow expansion plans

12:44 PM 18/01/2018

But Transport Secretary Chris Grayling says airport expansion is "hugely important" for the UK.

Homes plan back-firing, say councils

12:25 AM 18/01/2018

A scheme to convert offices into homes lets developers "duck" providing affordable housing, says the LGA.

Parents shelling out for 'free' nursery scheme

10:22 AM 18/01/2018

The government's 30-hour 'free' nursery scheme is being subsidised by parents, a survey suggests.

2 Sisters chicken supplier 'sent MPs Christmas biscuits'

03:04 PM 18/01/2018

The chicken supplier is being investigated for alleged breaches of food safety and hygiene concerns.

Prime Minister's Questions: The key bits and the verdict

01:37 PM 17/01/2018

Theresa May clashed with Jeremy Corbyn over Carillion - here are the key bits of their exchanges.

Sir Desmond Swayne 'embarrassed' by Commons snooze

04:42 PM 17/01/2018

Sir Desmond Swayne says he is "annoyed" with himself for nodding off, blaming a long day.

Facebook to reconsider claims of Russian interference in Brexit vote

06:11 PM 17/01/2018

The firm is to look again at whether Russian groups used social media to try to influence the 2016 poll.

Jeremy Corbyn urges end to outsourcing 'racket'

03:58 PM 17/01/2018

Labour's leader says firms like Carillion must be "shown the door", during PM's questions clashes.

Sheffield Hallam MP Jared O'Mara to resume duties

11:41 AM 17/01/2018

The MP was suspended by Labour while it investigates offensive comments he is alleged to have made.

Justine Greening: Next generation of MPs could 'improve or undo' Brexit

11:01 PM 17/01/2018

Ex-minister Justine Greening says Brexit won't be "sustainable" if it doesn't work for young people.

Bonuses for Carillion bosses are blocked

09:24 PM 17/01/2018

Former executives at the failed construction firm will not get severance payments or bonuses.

East of England ambulance delays: 20 patients have died, says MP

07:40 PM 17/01/2018

The deaths occurred when a trust did not move into its highest emergency level, Clive Lewis MP says.

Former MP Stewart Jackson will not seek Peterborough re-election

03:59 PM 17/01/2018

Brexit campaigner Stewart Jackson had been MP for Peterborough for 12 years.


10:53 AM 19/01/2018

Billions are spent every year on private sector contracts, but how are the decisions made?

Copy cats

05:40 PM 17/01/2018

A new campaign aims to make lessons about intellectual property infringement fun.

Entente cordiale?

03:32 PM 18/01/2018

BBC deputy political editor John Pienaar looks at the significance of the UK-France summit against the backdrop of Brexit.

Daily Politics debate

02:45 PM 18/01/2018

Why are MPs more likely to be male, highly educated and live in the south of England?

Summit agenda

12:06 AM 18/01/2018

Before the annual UK-France summit, the BBC's security correspondent assesses co-operation on key areas in the run-up to Brexit.

Power shift?

08:47 PM 16/01/2018

What Momentum's election wins might mean for the future of the Labour Party.

Carillion's woes

09:52 AM 15/01/2018

The construction firm is to be liquidated after its huge financial troubles finally overwhelmed it.

Warning system?

10:25 PM 14/01/2018

What plans are there for alerting the British public in the unlikely event of an attack?

Litter bug

05:56 PM 15/01/2018

The government has proposed new measures to tackle fly-tipping. Is it a growing problem?

How green are the Tories?

06:15 PM 11/01/2018

Theresa May's environment policy pledge is the latest step in the party's journey on the issue.

Benefits decisions

12:58 AM 13/01/2018

What are the key issues she will need to address?

Farage's about turn?

05:55 PM 11/01/2018

Nigel Farage suggested he was coming round to the idea of a second EU referendum - what is going on?

Tempting treats

05:09 PM 10/01/2018

Brexiteers present Michel Barnier with cheese, gin and the complete works of Shakespeare.

Scholarly replies

12:41 PM 09/01/2018

The replies universities sent to Tory MP Chris Heaton-Harris's letter about their Brexit research were more varied than the initial outcry suggested.

Who's in charge?

01:27 AM 09/01/2018

Twelve months after its power-sharing executive split, how are people there faring?

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

05:16 PM 04/01/2018

A guide to how the UK will leave the European Union after the 2016 referendum.

Party conferences 2017

04:16 PM 24/10/2017

The latest on the major political parties in the autumn conference season.

Minister: Utter lie to say Tories don't believe in NHS

08:33 AM 19/01/2018

Minister Margot James says it is "utterly untrue" to suggest the government wants to privatise the NHS.

RBS chairman: PFI has been a fraud

10:13 PM 18/01/2018

Royal Bank of Scotland chairman Howard Davies calls the private finance initiative a "fraud".

Rosena Allin-Khan on Rohingya refugee camps in Bangladesh

04:18 PM 18/01/2018

An MP describes meeting people who had been gang-raped, seen their husbands murdered and their babies thrown on to a fire.

MP: Holocaust cast dark spectre over my family

06:12 PM 18/01/2018

Alex Sobel's voice cracked as he told MPs of seeing the numbers tattooed on his great aunt's arm.

Small businesses fear they may have lost thousands with Carillion collapse

08:47 AM 19/01/2018

Small businesses fear they may have lost thousands with Carillion collapse.

PMQs: Corbyn and May on private firms in public sector

02:41 PM 17/01/2018

Public services need to be provided by "public employees with a public service ethos" says Jeremy Corbyn.

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