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Politics News

Brexit: Theresa May says MPs must 'work together' to deliver Brexit

11:23 PM 16/01/2019

The prime minister calls on politicians to "put self-interest aside" and deliver on the referendum.

May's government survives no confidence vote

09:56 PM 16/01/2019

The PM offers meetings on Brexit with rival party leaders after seeing off a bid to topple her government.

David Cameron: I don't regret calling EU referendum

12:02 PM 16/01/2019

Former UK prime minister David Cameron says he backs Theresa May's efforts to secure a Brexit deal.

What is a vote of no confidence? What time is it?

09:52 AM 16/01/2019

Jeremy Corbyn has tabled a no confidence motion in Theresa May's government. Here's what happens now.

Brexit: How did my MP vote on Theresa May's deal?

08:54 PM 15/01/2019

Find out how your MP voted on the prime minister's Brexit deal, to take the UK out of the European Union.

Brexit: What happens now?

07:16 PM 16/01/2019

Theresa May has won a no confidence vote in her government. But with her Brexit plan defeated, what now?

Alternative ways to break Brexit deadlock

01:01 PM 16/01/2019

Cancel Brexit, hand the decision to backbenchers or members of the public - or get the Queen involved?

Calls to ban low-level letterboxes and adopt EU standard

02:13 PM 16/01/2019

A union is calling for a change in regulations to help stop postal workers straining their backs.

Inflation falls to lowest level in nearly two years

12:21 PM 16/01/2019

UK inflation fell to 2.1% in December, pushed down by falling fuel prices.

Brexit vote: Donald Tusk hints UK should stay in EU

01:02 PM 16/01/2019

The European Council president sends a cryptic tweet after Theresa May's Brexit deal is rejected.

Chancellor hints at Article 50 delay

11:50 AM 16/01/2019

Philip Hammond reassures business Brexit could be delayed to avoid "no-deal" scenario.

Ex-Downing Street aide jailed for rape of sleeping woman

10:48 AM 16/01/2019

Mark Adams, 56, who was an aide to both Tony Blair and John Major, is given a seven-year sentence.

Brexit: DUP meets PM before no-confidence vote

08:05 PM 16/01/2019

The votes of the party's 10 MPs helped the government face down the challenge by 19 votes.

Upskirting to be crime after Lords back bill

08:56 PM 15/01/2019

A woman took her campaign to MPs after a man took pictures of her at a gig in London's Hyde Park.

WTO rules: What happens if there's a no-deal Brexit?

01:53 PM 16/01/2019

Could the UK maintain an open border with Ireland if there is no deal, asks BBC News NI's John Campbell.

Brexit: Does Brussels blink?

11:12 AM 16/01/2019

How has Brussels dealt with political complications in the past?

What are the biggest government defeats?

08:04 PM 15/01/2019

MPs have inflicted the biggest defeat on a serving government in modern history - how does it compare to previous losses?

Brexit: Your simple guide to the UK leaving the EU

08:54 PM 16/01/2019

Feeling a little lost about what's going on with Brexit? Here's our basic guide.

The top five Brexit questions, answered

12:02 PM 10/01/2019

It's hard to know what'll happen in the end, but that doesn't mean we can't give a few answers now.

Brexit letters: Has anything changed?

04:32 PM 14/01/2019

EU leaders send reassurances to the prime minister about Northern Ireland.

Brexit: How would no deal affect UK citizens in the EU?

12:02 AM 14/01/2019

No deal would have a huge impact on Britons in other EU countries. What would it mean for them?

How is Dublin preparing for a possible no-deal Brexit?

12:40 AM 12/01/2019

The Irish government wants its close relationship with the UK to continue after Brexit.

Who are the UK yellow vest protesters?

05:23 PM 12/01/2019

Anti-austerity and pro-Brexit protesters are battling over the mantle of the French gilets jaunes.

The puzzle of how many Brits abroad there really are

01:23 AM 12/01/2019

The phrase "Brits abroad" conjures up images of retirees in the sun, but the reality is complex.

Plaid Cymru rising star who worked on through cancer

06:55 PM 11/01/2019

Steffan Lewis had a big impact on Welsh politics in a promising career cut short by cancer.

EU in 'keep calm and carry on' mood

07:06 PM 10/01/2019

The EU prepares to implement the Brexit deal, regardless of the Westminster turmoil.

Curtice: How voters want Brexit to be sorted out

12:47 AM 09/01/2019

What do ordinary people want MPs to do about Brexit? Sir John Curtice takes a look.

Reality Check: Can MPs stop no-deal Brexit?

03:14 PM 09/01/2019

Cross-party MPs have tabled an amendment to make a no-deal Brexit more difficult.

What Corbyn asked May at PMQs in 2018

09:33 AM 09/01/2019

Jeremy Corbyn asked the prime minister 204 questions - but which subject dominated?

Stormont: Why doesn’t Northern Ireland have a government?

02:04 AM 09/01/2019

The devolved nation has been without an executive for two years.

Why do broadcasters use College Green?

05:32 PM 08/01/2019

MPs say democracy is under threat as protesters target abuse at them on the green opposite Parliament.

Quiz: Catch up with Brexit in 12 questions

01:55 AM 08/01/2019

A quiz to help you catch up with everything that happened in Brexit in 2018

Should the UK be raising rather than lowering the voting age?

01:31 AM 07/01/2019

On the 50th anniversary of 18 year-olds being given the vote - some wonder if this should be reversed?

Who rescues migrants in the Channel?

12:34 AM 06/01/2019

About 500 migrants attempted to travel to the UK on small boats in 2018.

Local matters

05:07 PM 05/11/2018

The financial squeeze faced by English councils is an issue that is not going away.

Party conferences 2018: At-a-glance

09:05 AM 10/10/2018

From May's dance to Brexit manoeuvring, here are the highlights of the autumn conference season.

Brexit: All you need to know about the UK leaving the EU

05:38 PM 16/01/2019

A guide to plans for the UK to leave the European Union, following the 2016 referendum.

Labour Party conference

04:17 PM 26/09/2018

The Labour leader vows to "rebuild and transform our country" in his party conference speech.

Party conferences 2017

04:16 PM 24/10/2017

The latest on the major political parties in the autumn conference season.

Moment government survives confidence vote

08:13 PM 16/01/2019

Theresa May has promised she will start talks with other party leaders over Brexit plans.

Brexit: Theresa May gives Downing Street statement

10:24 PM 16/01/2019

Theresa May has called on MPs to "work constructively together" after winning a no confidence vote.

Jeremy Corbyn: 'Remove prospect of catastrophe of a no-deal Brexit'

07:54 PM 16/01/2019

The Labour leader reacts after the Prime Minister sees off a bid to remove her government from power.

May offers to meet other leaders after no confidence vote result

07:36 PM 16/01/2019

After surviving a no confidence in Parliament, Theresa May invites the leaders of other parties to meet her the same evening.

No confidence motion: Gove and Watson ahead of vote

07:28 PM 16/01/2019

The environment secretary and deputy Labour leader spoke ahead of the vote of no confidence.

The moment May wins Corbyn's no confidence vote

07:30 PM 16/01/2019

Theresa May survives a challenge from Jeremy Corbyn and opposition parties to bring down her government.

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