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Health News

The diet to save lives, the planet and feed us all?

12:36 AM 17/01/2019

And you don't have to be vegan to follow the "planetary health diet".

Teenage cancer survival 'on the up' in England, report finds

01:00 AM 17/01/2019

But youngsters living in poorer areas of England had lower chances of survival, cancer data found.

Liver transplant 'game changing' treatment approved

12:41 AM 16/01/2019

It's hoped perfusion machines that "warm livers" will increase the number of viable donated organs.

What is the right age to lose your virginity?

12:40 AM 15/01/2019

More than a third of women and a quarter of men think they got it wrong, research suggests.

Becca Henderson: Transplant hope for rucksack heart woman

10:27 AM 15/01/2019

Scans show Becca Henderson has been clear of cancer for a year and is now eligible for a donor heart.

Breast cancer risk test 'game changer'

09:07 AM 15/01/2019

GPs would use the online calculator to tell women their risk of getting breast cancer, say scientists.

Contact lens recycling scheme launched across UK

03:10 PM 15/01/2019

The programme will give contact lens wearers the opportunity to recycle their lenses for free.

Lens replacement led to 'blind patches', says artist

05:00 AM 14/01/2019

Landscape painter Denise De Batista is considering legal action against lens manufacturer Oculentis

James Watson: Scientist loses titles after claims over race

03:28 PM 13/01/2019

Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson has repeated remarks about race and intelligence.

Family bids to get premature baby home to Wales from Vietnam

10:08 AM 15/01/2019

The mother of a baby girl born at 27 weeks says coming home is "the only thing keeping me going".

Clinical waste 'backlog' pictured at North Lanarkshire health centres

12:42 AM 12/01/2019

Photographs show piles of clinical waste following the collapse of processing firm HES in North Lanarkshire.

Ella Kissi-Debrah 'pollution' death: Backing for new inquest

02:30 PM 11/01/2019

Nine-year-old Ella died from asthma but her family believe air pollution caused her health to fail.

Clean air: Do low emission schemes improve children’s lungs?

12:12 AM 16/01/2019

Children in London and Luton are taking part in a study to measure how their lungs are affected by air pollution.

The ultrasound scan you can do yourself

12:17 AM 16/01/2019

A US company has produced an ultrasound scanner that plugs into an iPhone and costs $2,000 (£1,555).

Student makes bucket list after cancer diagnosis

12:04 AM 15/01/2019

Laura Nuttall had just started university when a routine eye test discovered several brain tumours.

Intersex surgeries: is it right to assign sex to a baby?

01:37 AM 14/01/2019

Attitudes are changing to the medical practice, with some calling them limiting and unnecessary.

Healthy eating: What is a correct food portion?

12:06 AM 14/01/2019

British Nutrition Foundation launches new "handy" guide to stop people cooking and eating too much.

What does air pollution do to our bodies?

02:10 AM 14/01/2019

David Shukman examines the effect that air pollution has on our bodies.

Medical students: More needed to meet demand for doctors

04:37 PM 11/01/2019

Northern Ireland needs at least 100 more medical students a year to meet the increasing demand for doctors.

The refuge for children with microcephaly

01:01 AM 11/01/2019

A school in Kenya is rescuing children with microcephaly, who are considered a curse by many local communities.

CES 2019: Skin printer wipes years from your face

05:58 PM 10/01/2019

Procter & Gamble has developed a handheld device that precisely covers blemishes.

Quadruple amputee given double hand transplant

10:31 PM 09/01/2019

Quadruple amputee Corinne Hutton, from Lochwinnoch in Renfrewshire, had been waiting five years for the surgery.

The breakthroughs that could save our lives

03:02 AM 29/12/2018

From reversing blindness and paralysis to new treatments for cancer and infertility.

Are flexitarians half-hearted vegetarians?

05:07 AM 07/01/2019

Can simply lowering meat consumption be considered a thing, or is it just "half-hearted" vegetarianism?

Tips on how to limit excessive screen time

02:53 PM 04/01/2019

If screen use is disrupting sleep, exercise and concentration, what can parents do?

Why did child screen advice not go further?

02:43 PM 04/01/2019

Leading paediatricians have stopped short of setting time limits for screen use, but why?

Check NHS cancer, A&E, ops and mental health targets in your area

10:59 AM 13/12/2018

Use our tracker to check whether your local services are meeting waiting-time targets for cancer, routine operations, A&E and mental health treatment.

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