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Education & Family News

'Sharenting' puts young at risk of online fraud

02:12 AM 21/05/2018

Parents are compromising their children's future financial security with online sharing, warns Barclays.

Foreign students: Home Office axes 'unusable' survey

12:01 PM 18/05/2018

Anyone could fill in the official study, which, some academics said, uses "loaded, them and us" questions.

School delay does not help summer-born, study shows

08:11 PM 17/05/2018

Putting summer-born children's school start back a year boosts attainment by less than one mark.

Nigerian students 'tied to cross and whipped' for being late

02:16 PM 17/05/2018

Three people, including the school's headteacher, are under arrest in Nigeria after the incident.

Exams: How do the new 9-1 GCSE grades work?

10:57 AM 17/05/2018

As teenagers face this year's GCSEs, we explain the new 9-1 grading structure in England.

Pupils find spellchecker 'cheat' in literacy test

10:59 AM 17/05/2018

Schools are given advice after an online glitch allowed pupils to see the correct answer in a spelling test.

Cardiff youngsters sent 200 miles to Liverpool for care

01:27 PM 17/05/2018

Building new children's homes is one option being considered for looking after children in care.

University racism 'complacency' warning

12:41 AM 16/05/2018

Baroness Amos, the UK's first black woman university head, criticises "deep-seated prejudices".

Do Sats really matter - and if so, to whom?

05:14 PM 15/05/2018

Sats week is a time of maximum stress in primary schools across England - but should it be?

Watch ban imposed at GCSE and A-level exams

12:07 PM 16/05/2018

The move is designed to prevent cheating via smartwatches designed to look like standard timepieces.

Sharing of school pupils' data put on hold

04:21 PM 15/05/2018

The move follows criticism of the handling of personal information in the national pupil database.

Cuts put deaf children's education at 'breaking point'

11:58 AM 14/05/2018

Deaf children to lose £4m of support as over a third of councils plan support cuts, says charity.

Pupils sitting SATs taught power pose to improve focus

11:46 PM 13/05/2018

Students sitting their SATs say it helps them with concentration and focus.

Would you give your kids total freedom?

08:22 AM 13/05/2018

A father of six living in rural Finland has an unusual parenting style: his children enjoy total freedom in the house.

NUS: 'Very worrying' harassment on campuses

11:31 PM 13/05/2018

The NUS says more work needs to be done to reduce sexual violence and harassment on campuses.

The Teesside gym with treadmills for toddlers

11:08 PM 03/05/2018

Andy Gray runs GymFants in Teesside and it's an exercise class with a difference.

The YouTube stars paid to promote cheating

04:06 PM 01/05/2018

A BBC Trending investigation has uncovered the selling of academic cheating by YouTube stars on a massive scale.

Colombia's ex-fighters taught skills for peace

11:09 PM 15/05/2018

Farc guerillas have returned home, but they are often illiterate and unemployed and in urgent need of new skills for jobs.

Gordon Brown launches $10bn global funding for schools

01:04 AM 11/05/2018

The ex-UK prime minister launches a scheme for 20 million school places in the world's poorest countries.

London ranked top city for students

11:03 PM 08/05/2018

London has overtaken Paris and Montreal for the title of best student city, despite being so expensive.

Why do young workers have so many injuries?

11:02 PM 01/05/2018

More than a million people face injury and accidents at work every day - with young workers the most at risk.

Reviving the ghosts of France's 1968 revolt

04:01 AM 28/04/2018

Do France's 2018 student protests have much in common with the turmoil of May 1968?

Changing the world, one dinner at a time

12:16 AM 25/04/2018

Can posh restaurants and top chefs also win a competition for social activism?

The father lost to postnatal depression

04:17 PM 17/05/2018

Vicky Clayton cannot give her son the thing he wants most in the world - his dad.

Learning about the trenches

09:17 AM 17/05/2018

The trenches and a 'battlefield' were made for students in the Highlands, but are to be opened up to other schools.

The adopted children confused by love

01:40 AM 10/05/2018

Children who have suffered abuse can often become distressed at the thought of being loved

'Failing a generation'

01:55 AM 09/05/2018

Government's child mental health plan leaves hundreds of thousands without proper care, says report.

Top brass

02:44 AM 08/05/2018

A Yorkshire primary fights to save its award-winning brass band.

Knowledge for sale?

11:45 PM 02/05/2018

Universities are dealing with rising levels of essay cheating, but how big a problem is it?

Stepping into Shakespeare

11:13 PM 27/04/2018

How standing up and reading Shakespeare out loud can make it more fun and understandable for teenagers.

Isn't that a walkboy?

10:14 AM 26/04/2018

Can they really not tell the time using an old fashioned clock?

'My teacher saved me from suicide'

02:10 AM 19/04/2018

Now 26, Hati Sparey-South is herself training as a teacher, determined to help today's pupils.

Dad regrets parenthood

09:16 AM 18/04/2018

One father believes his friends without children tend to be the happiest.

Siblings in care

12:06 AM 18/04/2018

Thousands of siblings in care have been split up by councils in England and Wales, new figures suggest.

Primary places

12:28 PM 16/04/2018

If the school on offer is unsuitable for some reason, there are a number of things you can do.

'It's not a shock anymore'

08:57 AM 12/04/2018

Teachers describe teaching in an area where knife crime is part of life.

Reality Check

11:46 PM 06/04/2018

Youth services have seen big cuts in their budgets, but it's impossible to make a clear link.

Frozen meals

09:41 AM 06/04/2018

New research into how children and families will be affected by changes to free school meals has been published

Motherhood taboo

08:13 AM 03/04/2018

Three women describe what it is like to secretly wish they had never had children.

When the kids hear

11:51 PM 01/04/2018

It is normal for parents to argue, but the way rows affect children varies greatly.

Lives in their hands

11:46 PM 30/03/2018

How do the families of generals who sent men into battle commemorate World War One?

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