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Education & Family News

Religious education 'vital for diversity'

04:04 PM 17/07/2018

Religious education needs to be taken more seriously in a diverse society, says Charles Clarke.

Mum of autistic boy slams school for 'abusive' voicemail

03:48 PM 17/07/2018

Leighanne Bromley was left "gobsmacked" by the expletive-laden message about autistic son Harley.

BAME characters should be 'more central' in children's books

03:14 PM 17/07/2018

Ethnic minority characters should feature in more books and not be defined by their "otherness".

Anti-knife violence lessons for holidays

08:58 AM 17/07/2018

Teenagers in England are taught not to get caught up in knife crime in the summer holidays.

Private tutors 'should face DBS criminal record checks'

06:19 AM 17/07/2018

The UK's biggest teaching union says disqualified teachers may still be able to work as tutors.

Concerns over Stormont minority ethnic fund money

09:59 AM 16/07/2018

There are calls for more transparency in how the Minority Ethnic Development Fund is allocated.

Make your mind up over teacher pay, Hinds urged

04:36 PM 13/07/2018

Education Secretary Damien Hinds is urged to make his mind up on teacher pay rises in England.

Number of secondary pupils in England to rise 15% by 2027

08:41 AM 13/07/2018

England's secondary school population is expected to hit 3.3 million in 2027 - 418,000 higher than in 2018.

Green Flag for Bridgend triplets mum's allotment vision

05:18 AM 16/07/2018

Just over 200 Green Flags have been awarded in Wales - but perhaps none more special than this one.

The primary school that abolished marking

08:13 AM 17/07/2018

A school in Peterborough has decided to give pupils verbal feedback instead of marking their books.

The vital role played by respite centres

11:51 PM 15/07/2018

A campaigner explains why respite centres are so important to families of disabled children.

Brothers spread positive message about Down's Syndrome

12:20 AM 12/07/2018

Brothers Alex and Nick are making a documentary about Down's Syndrome.

Aptamil investigating baby milk formula complaints

04:33 PM 09/07/2018

Mums say their babies have been sick after the recipe of a popular formula milk was changed.

Prince Charles research for an 'uncertain world'

11:51 PM 10/07/2018

Businesses and researchers are brought together by Prince Charles to tackle global challenges.

K-pop drives boom in Korean language

11:15 PM 10/07/2018

The popularity of K-pop is driving a global boom in learning the Korean language.

Putting death on the school timetable

11:00 PM 03/07/2018

Doctors in Australia want the school curriculum to get young people talking about the ethical issues around death and dying.

'Don't say my name wrong at graduation'

01:44 PM 27/06/2018

Universities are turning to technology to try to make sure they don't mispronounce names at graduations.

Is Sara a 'refugee' or 'future surgeon'?

11:50 PM 19/06/2018

On World Refugee Day, one Syrian girl talks about doing homework in a tent and her future ambitions.

Where can UK students study for free?

12:01 AM 21/06/2018

UK undergraduate students do not pay any tuition fees in 10 EU countries and Norway.

Hidden writing in ancient desert monastery manuscripts

11:28 PM 12/06/2018

Cutting-edge tech is examining ancient manuscripts for earlier texts written below the surface.

'Lively and enthusiastic'

01:03 AM 05/07/2018

"Enthusiastic when working in a group" - or does that really mean "a proper bossy boots"?

Visual history

11:24 AM 16/07/2018

Artists and historians make sure the imagery of May's Irish abortion referendum is preserved.

'Everyone supports me'

04:27 PM 05/07/2018

Parents and pupils benefit from innovation for which school wins national award.

Graduation fail

01:06 PM 27/06/2018

People have been sharing their experiences of having their names mispronounced.

School closes after 100 years

06:29 AM 27/06/2018

A bittersweet farewell to a school that was the "hub and heart" of a small County Down community.

Teens on 9-1 GCSEs: 'Everyone's worried about grade boundaries'

12:23 AM 23/06/2018

How have teenagers coped with taking the new 9-1 GCSE exams this summer?

The softer stimulant?

03:58 PM 19/06/2018

As Lord Hague calls for a change in the law on cannabis, young people claim it is often seen as a "softer" stimulant.

Saint's bone returned

04:13 PM 19/06/2018

Waste company presents bone, said to be of a Pope executed 2,000 years ago, to Westminster Cathedral.

Hail Mary

08:54 AM 20/06/2018

What's it like to be a public intellectual in age of echo chamber social media and fake news?


12:24 AM 13/06/2018

Children with poor literacy skills struggle most to tell which stories are false, says a report.

Scary and overcrowded

12:23 AM 13/06/2018

More must be done to stop children being housed in bed and breakfasts and temporary accommodation, says a report.

Degree pay premium

09:34 AM 15/06/2018

Find out which courses and which universities can boost earnings after graduation.

Football and university

09:20 AM 10/06/2018

A football club signs up a university as a shirt sponsor - to help them both reach the people they otherwise could not reach.

'Miss! Are your classes making me blind?'

12:26 AM 07/06/2018

Why spending more time in school and university could be damaging our eyes.

Streaming at five set me up to fail, says deputy head

12:30 AM 02/06/2018

Deputy head Sean Macnamara says his own experiences convinced him streaming is a bad idea.

Twins in school: To separate or not to separate?

11:57 PM 30/05/2018

Some mothers want their twins kept together, some prefer separate classes and others say "they'll find their own way regardless".

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