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Education & Family News

Labour conference: No new academies, Angela Rayner to pledge

10:44 PM 23/09/2018

Schools will not lose their current status but would have to follow new "national rules", party says.

Imprisoned suffragette letter discovered

12:35 AM 21/09/2018

A previously unknown letter gives a first-hand account from the first suffragette to be jailed.

Universities warned over potentially misleading claims

12:40 AM 21/09/2018

A consumer group has challenged universities over the claims they make to attract students.

'£1bn in unpalatable county council cuts' ahead in England

12:08 AM 20/09/2018

Councils bosses warn some authorities may have to be stripped back to the minimum to save money.

Three in four London students 'from ethnic minorities by 2030'

02:05 AM 20/09/2018

Students from London will become a 'hyper-diverse' population in the next decade.

More fake diploma claims for Spanish university

01:07 PM 20/09/2018

A Madrid university allegedly granted fake law diplomas to hundreds of Italian nationals.

'Sexist, unsafe' world experienced by young girls

12:27 AM 19/09/2018

A Girlguiding UK survey of girls and young women reveals many do not feel safe outside their homes.

MSPs call for 'halt' to primary tests

07:08 PM 19/09/2018

Opposition parties inflict a defeat on the Scottish government over assessments for five-year-olds.

Cleaner enjoys holiday paid for by Bristol university students

12:36 PM 19/09/2018

Bristol university students raised £1,500 so Herman Gordon and his wife could visit Jamaica.

School open days: Eight things to look for

12:28 AM 18/09/2018

Glossy prospectuses and slick open evenings, but what should I look for when visiting secondary schools?

Ofsted admits adding to 'teach-to-the-test' mentality

12:17 PM 18/09/2018

Ofsted boss says the watchdog has not put enough emphasis on a rich and broad curriculum in England.

Educating Greater Manchester head Drew Povey resigns

11:13 AM 18/09/2018

Drew Povey, of Harrop Fold School, starred in Channel 4's Educating Greater Manchester.

Further education college finances face double whammy

01:07 AM 17/09/2018

Amid growing concern about financial bailouts, new analysis reveals the dire state of college budgets.

Students blamed for university and college cyber-attacks

12:09 AM 14/09/2018

University cyber-attacks might often be caused by students rather than hacking groups.

Mothers want action over sexual assaults at school

11:41 PM 12/09/2018

Two mothers whose children were attacked at school are calling for changes to prevent similar assaults

Mental health services 'let down children'

12:00 AM 13/09/2018

The Scottish government admits there are "unacceptable" problems with mental health services for the country's young people.

New children's novel brings refugee crisis to the classroom

11:18 PM 23/09/2018

How one author is bringing the refugee crisis to British schools with her first novel.

How this T-shirt created by a Bristol mum helps bullied kids

01:32 AM 22/09/2018

A mum has made a T-shirt that helps children who have been bullied have 'invisible armour'.

Spanish classes for toddlers teach kids languages early

06:52 AM 22/09/2018

The people behind the language lessons say it's important to get children learning languages early.

Periods 'keeping girls out of school'

05:26 PM 20/09/2018

Some 350,000 girls say they have missed school at some point because of being on their period, research from YouGov suggests.

The chef using 60,000-year-old recipes

11:27 PM 18/09/2018

A top chef says his awards are owed to learning skills from indigenous Australian recipes and ingredients.

Which universities will really impress the boss?

11:36 PM 11/09/2018

Which is the best university name in the world to put on a job application?

Going back to school in a war zone

11:10 PM 04/09/2018

The challenges of a new school year in countries facing war and millions of refugees.

'Rewards don't improve school attendance'

08:14 AM 29/08/2018

Harvard researchers find that rewards for good attendance do not reduce absenteeism.

Cricket stumps sexism in India's schools

11:24 PM 21/08/2018

Cricket and dance are being combined in a project challenging gender stereotypes in rural India

School where refugees are the teachers

11:10 PM 31/07/2018

An online school wants to make better use of the language skills of refugees and to help them integrate.

Top 10 tips for starting at university

12:40 AM 20/09/2018

Graduates and older students offer their top tips for starting at university.

Beating the odds

01:27 AM 19/09/2018

A school in Bradford is achieving impressive results in English and maths, by rebuilding its curriculum around music.

Working mums' dilemma

11:12 PM 17/09/2018

Winning flexible working hours can bring a new set of major problems, a survey finds.

The 18-year-olds of today

03:15 PM 13/09/2018

Statisticians set out what life is like for 18-year-olds today and how it has changed.

Widower’s advice on diet

01:44 PM 17/09/2018

An interaction between a widower and a young woman about how couples support each other is inspiring many to become kinder

Broke council

11:51 PM 12/09/2018

What's it like to be a family with extra needs in the hands of a council with no spare cash?

What do students really eat?

01:46 AM 12/09/2018

Microwave curries and oven pizzas or rose harissa paste and bouillon powder - what are students eating?

Highs and lows

09:00 AM 11/09/2018

High fees, lots of pre-school and young teachers - the UK is compared with other education systems.

'Thanks for tidying my room'

11:28 PM 09/09/2018

The top 10 phrases parents would love to hear their children say. Sighs. One day, maybe.

'I smashed my kids' iPads'

06:50 PM 10/09/2018

The presenter has offered many parenting tips over the years, unveiling her latest on Monday.

Talking about grieving

12:45 AM 02/09/2018

A grieving mum expresses her anger, loneliness and love by calling her daughter's voicemail for two years.

Keeping in touch

11:22 PM 30/08/2018

How internet-connected robots are helping combat the scourge of isolation and loneliness.

Next steps

11:51 PM 22/08/2018

Claire Hughes quit school at 16 to work in a cupcake shop but the story didn't end there.

Fighting school holiday hunger in Birkenhead

11:54 PM 19/08/2018

How one town is filling the gap when free school meals are off the menu.

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